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  1. You guys have no idea how many times Eric has dragged me into the TIMARA studio or Dascomb TV lounge or whatever and forced me to listen to this piece, whatever form it may have been in at the time. Although I'm thus thoroughly sick of listening to it, it's excellently done. This man loves Uematsu and loves the piano and will someday be writing music professionally. You'll see. In the meantime, download this Mix and enjoy. Now, if I can just get him to stop bashing Chrono Cross and do some arrangements from it, we'll be in business.

  2. I'm on my third hour of letting this run solo in the backround while I write, very nice. I like hearing power beginings which this has, and for some reason unlike many I am quite happy with faded endings. The best remix I have heard from the two - keep up the great work (you seem to work well with one another :P)

    ...that's quite a long time to listen to one song, isn't it?

    (Not that I'm crapping on the song -- it is good stuff.)

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