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    Born in West-Flanders, Belgium, Bryan had a passion for music ever since he was a kid. A few of Bryan's biggest influences are Delerium, Vangelis, Sleepthief, Amethystium, Jean Michel Jarre, Ryan Farish and ERA. Through them Bryan discovered the relaxing side of music and started experimenting with electronic music. A nice example would be his track "Solaris" wich you can listen to on his official website . Bryan studied Graphical Arts at the Holy Technical Institute, Brugge, Belgium. One of his great hobby's is designing graphics for websites. Allthough his passion for music exceeds even his graphical interests. To Bryan, music is all about harmony! Dreamy symphonies that send you off into another world. Music is the universal language in wich he translates his feelings and shares them with the world.
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  1. Hello, I'm a musician from Belgium.

    I invite you to listen to my music @