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  1. It all depends on the sounds your looking for. I thought this piece was well done. It is so true to the original but more.... grand. I love the way he did the timpani rolls into the gong hits. Beautiful. And of course the part where the song takes a small turn into a bit of a trancy drum n bass sound with panning snares and great samples/sounds.

    I think the mix sounds perfect. the drums being at the level they are now is perfect as not to take away from the beautiful screaming and crying synths. And it all ends in a melodramtic fade out of instruments leaving.

    Recomended to the FF6 fans. You will get a kick out of it.

  2. Ok, wow, Even if this is pretty much the way the original went, the original did NOT have the quality or beauty this remix flaunts. I think anyone who can pull off a symphonic/orchestronic (yes i made that word up) piece is talented, but this, this is more than just pulling it off. It is like he sat down and totally rewrote the song to handle a large epic sound. Great great job. One of my fav pieces so far!

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