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  1. Better stuff than this gets rejected all the time. It's a novelty piece, nothing more.

    I would strongly disagree. The instrumentation, attention to detail in the mastering, and strong character vocals all make it a quality mix. It may not be a technically refined orchestral arrangement, but the end result is exactly what it is supposed to be. Do you personally have any advice on what would make this a better piece?

    Very enjoyable... almost as enjoyable as Hillbilly Rodeo ;)

  2. - intro is way too long.

    - not enough melodic content in the background (imo)

    - a lot of the background content is too staticy. Probably due to reverb.

    - I like the lead melody and how you changed up the rythms a bit.

    - The intro is definitely too long and I really need to put a real intro there instead of a long club-styled intro.

    - Agreed, I need to play with building the background up a lot more.

    - I've been told that a few times, it's actually the instruments themselves... originally this was going to be a fast dance song, and when I decided to change the style, I didn't quite change the instruments enough

    - Thanks :)

  3. OH NO! What a sad end to such a good run! That was near perfection!

    I can't believe that you were so lucky to dodge all of Bowser's hammers, only to get touched by Bowser and die just a smidge away from the axe...How disappointing. But suicide is funny!

    The Drama! The Bravery! The Defeat! Oh, I should make this a Shakespearian play. :P

  4. TCK, I must say I do like your "Death Note" Signature.


    I absolutely love my Wii. I think that Nintendo limited it's graphics capabilities on purpose so that developers would try to focus more on how their games play. There are some AWESOME games out there on the Wii that don't compare to any of the games on the xbox360 or ps3 (I own and play all 3). Now, I'm not saying the other systems are horrible. I love them in their own respect (Though PS3 Needs to get some A quality games on it. The best games I've tried on that are Enchanted Arms and Virtua Fighter 5... both I'd rate a "B" quality game). Miyamoto has always focused on gameplay, and it is a tradition that has been held with Nintendo. Now, on the other hand, the graphics really don't suck on Wii. It could be improved a bit, but they really aren't horrible. I would put most of that blame on the lazy developers out there right now. But oh well.

    My Personal Predictions:

    Wii - Will continue to do great. Game stores around here are still having problems keeping them in stock. People love the style of play and find it very intriguing. Whether it will continue to do well will be based on if they can keep putting out innovative enough games to counteract it's flashy opposition.

    PS3 - Will bomb until FFXIII comes out... then it will float up the charts. Then, like a balloon, will slowly deflate until it drops. Blu-Ray Will keep it up a little as well.

    XBox360 - Will stay doing "good" but not great. Halo 3 will give it a boost (I have mine reserved) but come on, you don't release a system that is practically expected to have problems with it.

  5. I pretty much agree with the judges on this one: it's listenable, even enjoyable, but could have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better with real guitars.

    Said the Guitar player.

    It's fine the way it is. It is a synth, it didn't need you to polish it up with your guitar skills.

    I love the tuney feel to the mix to stay on topic :wink:

    His comment was 100% On topic, so really, stfukthxbye =).

    Now this mix. Very well done. Great job balancing out a lot of the thicker 'crunch' textures. As far as this guitar thing goes... it's just too raw. I wouldn't jump in to say "Use real guitars", but as the judges said, more processing would really help it out. ((Note that the judges never said to use a real guitar)). The overall sound of that lead just seemed too narrow and focused.

    I enjoyed it... solid, just could use some fine tuning.

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