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  1. Ahaha, oh goodness, I am so thoroughly amused by the clusterfack of comments over the last sixteen pages. That such a talented and endearing show of musical comradery could bring out the best and worst of pretty much every major mixer/reviewer on the site is just too much. For what it's worth, I think the song is fantastic, makes great use of the source material and the people involved in its production, and provides a terrific kareoke track for my dorm hall. Props to everyone who could turn a single night's chemistry into an everlasting tribute to the power of both music and friendship.

    Oh, and cheese. :D

  2. YES. Thank you! I've had Fatty's original version of Under a Full Moon on my playlist for months on end now, always hoping it would somehow make it to OCR. Finally! It's so nice to see this arrangement get some mainstream attention with sephfire's gloss on it. People who knock the piece as too minimalist are most likely missing the point of the song's style - it's atmospheric, and therefore somewhat sparse, but that's how it's able to evoke the kind of soft, haunting aura that the original track didn't quite have. The main melody teases you the entire time, never coming out in full, but setting the tone nonetheless. It sends shivers down my spine every time I close my eyes to it. Masterfully done. This is a definite keeper, and I applaud both mixers for their efforts.

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