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  1. Hmm. An interesting idea. I will look into getting shirt 'specs'. Not something I ever ran into really though. They are preshrunk, so they should match sizes that you would typically find in your local clothing store.
  2. I was out of town, and my temporary replacement didn't mess with orders that were not straightforward. (EMS shipping is generally a red flag, and he left it for me). I'll be back and shipping Monday, so it should fly right out then.
  3. Sizes larger than 2X (well, even 2X) cost a bit more to produce, and would be ordered in such... minimal quantity, it's hard to justify having any on hand. As it stands, we only order about 2 of the 2X sizes for each item, and they take a bit to sell as it is. Got lots of stock everyone! Order away!
  4. 8/26/06 edit by DJP: Ignore this thread - see http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2551104#2551104 We have a large order done, and all backorders have been shipped. Feel free to head over to the usual digs if you're interested. Everything, including the hoodies, jerseys, and both white and black shirts are in stock, and we have a LOT of them. http://www.ztnetstore.com/default.php/cPath/30_35 In total, we got about 200 pieces, so we should be good to go for a while! Thanks for everyones patience, I personally appreciate it. Take care, and happy shopping. ;p EDIT 3/15/06: The hoodie season is nearing an end, so now's the time to get in and snag one. If we get through our stock pretty fast, we may do one more re-order. Please note, that once some new products come in, hoodies prices will be going up slightly (About $5 each). So, if you are wondering if you should get one, now is the time! Hoodie prices will remain the same for the rest of this season, but come next season, the cost will rise. Be on the lookout for some other cool stuff though. Think vehicle... think computer desk... oh yes, PHAT OCR gear is in the works. For now though, you know the drill.
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