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  1. I enjoyed the Intro and the first couple of minutes.

    I usually read the reviews while I listen to the mix the first time through, so by the time I got to the second half of the song, based on the reviews, I was expecting to be disappointed. I wasn't.

    I think the second half was the best part of the song, it was tasteful, didn't get old. The sampling wasn't bad...for some of the instruments, electronic music sounds don't get much better than that without going to beg your local symphony orchestra to record for you.

    This one is going on my favorite mixes list!

  2. It's definitely unique.

    I am pretty darn sure I like it! (I'm always iffy on vocal songs from video games) but I can say for a fact that I DEFINITELY like the music going on behind the vocals. It's kind of a stairway to heaven-ish buildup from a slow solo guitar to a full blown rock ballad. I'll reserve judgement on the vocals, until I listen to it a few more times. (I'm a fan of harmony in vocals, GJ with that)

    But anybody that can churn out a good seven minute song earns my respect.

    /me tips his hat at you

    GJ man

  3. After listening to it again, I had to post again.

    I didn't notice the great improvisational work the first time I listened to this mix. All four of the players improvise in the middle section of the piece, and all four are quite good at it. Improvisation is one of the hardest things I have found to do in my playing, and these guys make it sound easy (which is why I didn't notice it the first time)

    Great job!!!

  4. The instruments (sans the drums, which are excellent) sound VERY fake, which must have been the intent, but nothing unique is ever done with them. Nothing I'd listen to all the time, but a unique song, and I'm glad that the Dungeon theme has been mixed in a jazz way.

    Uh, I respectfully disagree with just about every single word of your post. There was nothing fake about those instruments, unless the organist was playing an electric keyboard instead of a legit jazz organ. (and if it WAS just a plain keyboard, it was a very good one, because it sounds the same as an organ)

    While this isn't the most exciting jazz song I've ever heard, I have always loved jazz, and this is a great arrangement of a song that I never expected to hear arranged. Frankly, there's just not much you can do with this tune (I've tried to arrange it, and sat staring at Sibelius without a clue).

    The instrument work was excellent, being in a jazz band I understand how difficult it is to get that style exactly right.

    My only complaint was that the organ was not loud enough. Mad props to the drummer, and to the style of the guitarist.

  5. Admittedly I am a fan of the 80's

    But still.

    While this may not be my absolute favorite mix on the site, it is definitely close.

    And even if this isn't my favorite, of the ones I have heard, this is quite possibly the definite BEST.

    Everything about it is perfectly executed, from the synths chosen, to the lyrics, to the distortion of the voice, to the flow of the song from one section to another, to the excellent solo piano at the end. I could not find a single thing that I would change about this mix, and I rarely say that about ANY piece of music, be it some teenybopper crap off the radio, or a renowned piece such as Barber's Adagio for Strings.

    Musicially and technically, this mix is great stuff. Keep the high standards for yourself, you have a serious future in music, if you have not realized that future by now already.

    I visited this site for years, and hardly post, especially in the reviews, but Star definitely got me a-typing this time. Keep up the good work.

    I second that word for word.

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