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  1. Hey OCR.

    Wow. It's been so long.

    "/me is listening to E-Bison - Time Management OC ReMix"

    Back then, E-Bison had to cut his original Time Management, because it was larger than the 6mb allowed on OCR.

    I had that uncut version, long ago. I love his tune, but even more so the uncut one.

    Does anyone have it? That would make an old OCR-junkie very happe.

    Thanks. (:

  2. Most songs, sadly, lack voiceacting, or quality thereof.

    I'm an actor, interested in doing voiceacting for song, movies and games. I feel this is a grand way to start out, and at the same time help out the music community I love.

    As of right now, the only thing I won't do, is singing. That'll probably be the best for all of us

    I have been actively engaged in amatuer acting for the last 7 years, usually doing at least 4 plays or musicals a year, and I have a lot of experience with many different kinds of acting, such as improvised ad-lib acting, musicals, plays, movies, within many different kinds of genres, such as comedy, tragedy, classic, absurd, sci-fi/dystopian, satire, etc., working with very different crews, from ages 10 to 60, and amounts of people ranging from 4 persons, to full-fledged with around 100 people involved, at many different locations, both interiors such as great theaters, trains, etc., and exteriors such as streets, and big outdoor stages.

    I think that about covers it. Feel free to contact me(preferably via an Instant Messenger service) if you want some more information, or you're in need of voiceacting for a project.

  3. Salut Gray! Looks like you're getting a bit of criticism on this piece, eh? well you know I'm a fan of you, and I would like to give you feedback on this one (Frog's theme's also one of my faves), but you see my headphones just broke today, and I didnt bring my speakers here because I thought my headphones were working... anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll have a new headset or a pair of headphones for tomorrow, so I'll be returning to give you feedback ^_^

    until then, salami to all of you! (I need sleep) XD

  4. Hey there,

    I don't think there's really anything else that I can say in praise of this song that hasn't already been said. But I was wondering, I wonder what Yasunori Mitsuda would think of this song? :lol: Someone, send him this song!!!!!!!!!!!!



    do that, DO IT!

    that would be totally awesome if Yasunori Mitsuda knew about this remix... or even better, OCR!!

    that would be totally awesome if he came, downloaded, and heard all the remixes of his songs. and it would be awesome to meet him at the forums too man!

  5. Haha! I've always loved this game, I remember the good old days when me and my big bro played games like this on our "computer" hehe, I love the game and it's so nostalgic for me, so is this remix. this remix is really awesome. though our first computer only had PC speaker and wern't able to play the music, I've played the game later and heard the music. the music from the game is great, I think, and this remix really is fantastic!

    I can highly recommend this remix... AND this remixer. if you see any of Disturbeds other msuic coming up here, I recommend that you listen to it.

    I've just checked his webpage, and heard some of his other music there,

    it's awesome. I suggest that you check out his webpage. the link is a little above this post... oh well, I'll post it here again:



    anyways, I'll give this remix :nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework: out of 5 nicework guys.

  6. Yea.. it sure is a nice game anda very nice ReMix i must say.

    I like the classic style.. but the most cool thing with this ReMix is that it is meant to be repeated, to go for ever, to be endless. first I thought the ending was kinda bad, but then I saw (heared) that it was supposed to have no ending.. if you don't understand what I mean, try listen to it but press the repeat button.

  7. Well, I don't really like this.. I like the start, it's smooth. but when you begin with some of the crashes, well, doesn't fit in.

    I don't think the effects are, the croaking and the slash sounds, sound pretty good, the quality of the effects is just not as good as the rest and that ruins it all. But I must say, altough I don't like the coraking effect, it's pretty good mixed in with the rest of the music in the last park of the peice :)

    I think the break is too suddenly, and the music starts too suddenly again.

    Sorry if I trashed you JJT.

    anyways, it's nice to see more Frog Theme ReMixes because it's so popular.

  8. I must say.. first when I heard this, it was just some noise for my ears...

    the same sacond time. and the third, and so on.

    I got mad at my big bro and started Spekkio the Brave... he doesn't like bag pipes that much and our rooms are very close. only a wall is seperating them. I turned the volume up to full power, just for irretating my bro. I laid on my bed and listened carefuly... from that moment I LOVED that remix.

    I'll give it 4 out of 5 possible smileys with sunglasses... XP


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