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  1. I recorded this to my keyboard in May, but was only able to actually get an old Petium 4 laptop with line-in jack working with puppy linux live cd to export it to wav in high quality yesterday. Strangely recording it through the line-in at 44100hz or 48000hz left lots of vinyl sounding clicks and I had no idea why, then on a whim I tried raising it to record at 192000hz (and then at 96000hz) and that made it finally sound smooth. Hooray! It's basically the same melody for 900+999 measures... because I wanted the melody to remain stuck in my head as long as the keyboard memory would allow, or something, but has some slight movement along the way, which made it interesting enough for me to listen to probably 200 times since May, but maybe I'm just weird and I'll be the only one who manages to enjoy it to the end, I'm not sure haha

    Link: https://youtu.be/4Xd9BJs7EUw
    Download: https://archive.org/details/choksta

  2. Hi, I come from the future to speak about my favorite numbers of the triangle alphabet.

    6 - I love this. It's like some kind of decent into doom, with the creepy background sounds and haunting bassline. I feel like that area in The Labyrinth where the girl is falling down that endless pit and all the hands are trying to grab her. Maybe I feel like Farq when he made this - haha. The length and atmosphere at the end was also great, same with the nice break at around 3:10 - and how the chorus comes with a hanging delay at 4:30 with that newly introduced brass-like melody. Is this garden black with red candy and yellow sparks?

    11 - Cool atmosphere at the start. The building up at around the 2-3 minute mark with the catchy drums gets me pumped every time, especially when the piano starts to enter - and gets even better when it makes it way to a new octave at around the 6 minute mark. I've always been a fan of songs that build up and last like this. It's like ascending into some mystical light.

    12 - I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, THIS IS THE BEST GARDEN EVER!!!! SCREW YOU ALL!!! AHAHAHAH. I'm kind of reminded of something from the Aphex Twin - drukqs CD, or maybe ICBYD, I dunno... maybe I'm just a giant crackhead. In a way, I wish it was longer, but just using my REPEAT button works too. Peaceful and touching little track for me.

    I'd write a review about the others, or do an extended version of #12 on my keyboard, but I have too much homework, so I'll just keep listening to these in the background instead! Yay. This paragraph looks really uneven on a 1280x800 screen in Firefox, so random text will be inserted here in this ugly textbox until it looks the way I

  3. Hey guys, I'm back!


    Alternative Link 1: http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/24463/catheads2.mp3.html

    Alternative Link 2: http://www.4shared.com/file/6370569/55c1796a/catheads2.html

    Alternative Link 3: http://www.mysharefile.com/v/2062190/catheads2.mp3.html

    Alternative Link 4: http://www.filefactory.com/file/327c5e

    Alternative Link 5: http://www.megaphile.com/file/545/catheads2.mp3.html

    My roommates were making too much noise while I was trying to study, so I made this to drown them out.

    By the way, someone HAS to make a Cat Heads 3 now! Seriously guys!

  4. I got the midisport uno, and it's awesome. Affordable and does exactly what it's supposed to :D

    I am curious to hear more. Did you have to install any of the plugins and drivers on the CD, and was doing every step on the instructions (I think there's atleast 12 of them) necessary to get it to work? How do you normally record? Do you save it into your keyboard memory, then send the bulk file into a program, or do you just open up your midi program (anvil studios, Cakewalk, FL Studios, etc.) and then press record in it, and the notes automatically show up when you play?

    Let's sit by the campfire and you can tell me all about your midi making adventures, since you have some successful stories to share.

  5. Laptop?


    You can either get this one:


    I have had one of these forever. Could never get it working for some reason.

    Can you guys post exactly the steps you used to get it to work? I'm using a pretty new laptop with Windows XP Pro.

    I couldn't get mine to work for some reason. My keyboard just wouldn't respond to the round-shaped midi connector (even though it has such a connector), but it works just fine with a 15-pin joystick cable.

    So it might be something wrong with my keyboard itself? Hrmmm, interesting. I never thought of that.

  6. EDIT: Okay, I figured out that the damp and damp time are linked to 'Fruity Peak Controller' but it still doesn't explain how that guitar sound is being produced. I mean, all the children are 'silent'...

    I have FL Studio Producer Edition 6.0.8 and in the 'Cool stuff' folder there was a song named Tesseract. I've been trying hard, but I just can't figure out how the guitar works.

    First of all,

    Why does the volume of a note in the damp and damp time channels affect the Guitar layer? What sort of advanced technique is being used here. I don't understand.


    When I click on the Guitar layer and 'Show Children', it shows all the children. But whenever I try to play a note in any one of these 'children', I barely hear anything. Yet when I play a note in the guitar layer, there's this awesome guitar sound. What the heck? Where is the guitar sound coming from if none of the children make any sounds? I don't understand this concept.

    Hope someone can enlighten me...



    The sound is originally coming from Packs\Shapes\HQ\HQ_SmoothInvSaw.wav

    After you "Show Children", click on any red L, R, or Thindist to get to it's Channel Settings window.

    From there, switch the "Plugin/Smp/Ins/Misc/Func" bar to "Smp" to change the sound, or "Plugin" to change it's settings.

    Those shapes are then routed through a shitload of mixer plugins/effects on Mixer channels 9-13, and 25-30 has some more. :lol:

    Guitar is just a Layer that controls everything from Param. EQ to the last L, so if you put notes on it, it will use all those things.

    You can set Guitar to use different channels with "Set Children"; lighting up channels to green on the bar to the right of their name.

    If you want to reset it and start over, right click that red "Guitar" in the Step Sequencer, then go Replace->Sampler.

    Now just pick a sound on the left browser, like Packs->Percs->PERC_Isle Mallet_C4 and send it to the channel to mess with it. Ha.

  7. I have a song which is (imo) well balanced at the moment. I have the mid and high volume levels organised, however the quieter parts are way too quiet. I'm trying to boost only those quieter parts, and keep the louder parts at the level they are. Iv tried playing around with compressors and maximisers, but that screws up the mid-high balance. Anyone have any idea how to fix this (without automating volume levels, and preferably using things available in Reason 3 [with bloody no VST bloody support :evil: ])

    Use the compressor on the quiet part, save it to wave, then replace the quiet section with the wave file. Just temporarily erase the other sections in Reason to make the wave, or chop them off later in Sound Recorder. You can just add the wave sample to an instrument in the Redrum or something, then hit it once when the quiet part is supposed to play. Or make two wave files, one compressed and one not, then slice and blend the parts together in Sound Recorder / new RNS file. Tada!

  8. I'm on lesson 14

    Everything helps :wink:

    Weird. I never really paid much attention to what this stuff means, just playing whatever sounds good to my ears, but for the first time I actually tried to envision how the theory of scales works in relation to what I play, after looking at that site, and apparently most of my stuff right now is played in C# major/minor variations. I use mostly black keys (sometimes going for E-F or B-C natural) and the lowest one is usually C#. Haha. I think I started off with mostly C, G and F scales for the first few years, then I got interested in doing stuff in F# for quite a while... now everytime I hit the keyboard I have a natural tendancy to want do stuff in C#. Now I'm trying to figure out which scales I know well and which ones I don't try much, could be interesting to figure out. I never really knew what a scale was until now, so it's rather interesting to see where my piano techniques fit in with this whole "theory" stuff. :lol:

    Hrmmm... this whole scales/major/minor stuff inspired me to doodle around until my keyboard ran out of memory.

  9. I didn't really like anything until 2:10 ish but after that it was all pretty enjoyable. Not bad.

    You didn't like ANYTHING before 2:10 but still the remix was "not bad"? Is it just me, or might your comment have been influenced by the previous posts?

    Radiowar's comments make sense to me. I read it alot differently than you do, I guess. By "didn't really like", I think he was meaning "wasn't really impressed". Things like "pretty enjoyable" to me aren't as positive as "really enjoyable", I'd say it means above neutral to the point of fun but not too far beyond, and "Not bad" would fall into a category a little lower. So a mix of "didn't really like" and "pretty enjoyable" would logically amount to a conclusion of "Not bad". You see?

    But this is pretty off-topic...

  10. For me... these sounds are too bright and the soundscape is too thin/limited. Nice groove and effects though. The ending felt kinda lacking.

    The composition ideas seem neat, but I'd need you to beef up and fill out alot more of the frequency/stereo range to actually "feel" this; personally.

    I guess that could be a reason why this song is called "Transparent". [insert questionable google-eyed emoticon here]

  11. Heh. I was just reading all 4 judge decision threads about this for fun, and some positive comments caught my interest so I decided to check it out.

    This feels really empty and limited to me. Like... really empty. It doesn't even feel like a song. Things are just jumping in and out with no connection either. Where's the beef? I don't get it. I can't take something like this seriously. The 0:31 section started out interesting... then everything just got progressively lacking and directionless, especially around 1:55 and near the end. My favorite section was probably 3:48, I think the raptor call worked there; I guess? Whatever. Send this to OLR. :lol:

  12. Some of those high notes sound really bad when you're picking at them too hard. :lol:

    This was kinda fun, as I like the melody of the original (liked the way you played 0:26). I would have never imagined this would pass the panel, considering how easy it would be to record something like this on the fly. Makes me want to crack out my guitar and play some song randomly with two channels and see if it would pass the panel as well - haha.

    I would have liked it you changed up the baseline groove/beat somewhere to make this song feel more complete. The 1:08 section is a good start to give a little bit of a nice contrast, but the overall experience still doesn't feel like a complete song to me, more like a run-on or like part of a song. Needs a more distinctive bridge, in my opinion.

    Heh. Personally, I'm not really a fan of using short-release leads for 100% of a song, they don't sound very full, especially without some kind of reverb of a full sounding instrument to back them up, but I guess it would destroy the point of the goofy-twangy-gypsy feel to let the notes sustain every once in a while.

    Pretty ok little recording experiment to hear though anyway, a fun little change of style from the original.

  13. That Romero sample is in the archive on the front page, which I used wintex to extract from the game.

    I still listen to your Hells Marshal remix every now and then. Works well in there. :)

    Man, it took me forever to figure out how to beat that level. Tried shooting that guy's brain for fun but kept missing; never thought of using rockets.

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