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  1. Plus, musically, where else am I going to go with it after what I had at the end? I've already done the main theme repeatedly, do I really need to do it again? I leave it to your imagination.

    This song deserves to have a second ACT or just a little more. Musically ... you could throw in more of the same since its awesome anyways.. but to end it you could hear the music stop... and then hear steam and a machine or 30 running in the backround. Footsteps running... someone dropping something like a piece of magicite... Footsteps stop,.. turn around pick up the magicite and run away... and kefka laugh down a hallway as his slippers scamper across the floor. Creating an Audio environment that is conducive to a "plot" or story.

    I think that would make the end feel like a radio drama or something.

    Anyway.... your song rocked the Block.

  2. I'm very impressed, and disapointed at the same time.

    What i do like. The choir, the seriousness of the song, the effort. Howeva,

    I wish this song was re-mastered to have more OOMPH, more kick, clarity, volume.

    I had Nobuo Uematsu's Black mages version in my playlist right after this, and his version just blows me away, in all the right places.

    The Cantata for Dancing: I. Mors ego sum mortis version is like hearing one of the coolest arrangements with digital tampons in my ears.

    Seriously, great work, but I so badly want the muddy, vague curtain thats preventing it from being A+ to be lifted. For the sake of.... ruining All girls underwear in the world. I think thats a good cause. Dont you. :)

  3. I loved the GANTZ series.

    Synopsis: Random people die in reality, and wake up in a room with each other and a black sphere named Gantz. No one really has a clue what is going on until GAntz ( a black sphere ) tells this group of strangers their lives are now "his" and they must go play his game or DIE for real.

    The Gantz series is surrreal, mature, action and depth in the characters personalities. The interplay between total stangers caught in this GANTZ phenomenon really is my favorite part.

    minor spoilish stuff..

    Ohh and when people die during GAntz's missions, he replaces them with new people who just died in the real world. Then you're left with half of the people sorta know whats going on, and people who are totally clueless.

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