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  1. Sorry to dig this back up, but I have one big request to make of Sir Pras: please fix that bass-is-two-beats-ahead problem in the song and re-send it, please? It's an unbelievably kick-arse song, especially those painfully heavy guitars at the 2:00 mark, and to have a version that doesn't take all that heaviness and muck it up in the end would be sweet :)

  2. Normally I don't even visit message boards, but for this mix, I had to join up. Mazedude, I'm going to fricking kill you. Why? Because this is the second -- no, the third -- time you've gotten one of your mixes stuck in my head for more than three days straight. I wake up with it in my head, and no amount of listening to other songs gets it out. As soon as there's a moment of silence, poof! Trippin' on Snails.

    Not that that's a bad thing. I fricking love this song. It's so delightfully funky -- a previous poster called it "industrial jazz". I didn't even know that style existed, nor that I would even like it, but dangit, I heard this mix, and it became another favorite style -- and mix -- of mine. Hat's off, Mazedude. Keep 'em comin'.

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