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  1. I was thinking... BitTornado has the ability to set individual file priorities so that you could, say, download a single file. Might it be possible to arrange a method whereby the single file downloads could run through Bittorrent? Of course I understand it would be impossible, given numbers of ports and whatnot, to make an individual torrent for each file, but if the file priority method could be used to only download those chunks that interest a user there would be a great increase in usefulness, since many people will get a single file but not want to download the whole set.

    Is it possible to generate a modified .torrent for a single file that only provides information for that file yet still uses the 1-500/501-1000 torrent? I'll be looking into these questions myself.

    [edit] You can't modify a .torrent and use the same tracker, at least not with a standard Bit Torrent client...

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