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  1. Not a bad piece of techno, thing that i'm wondering the most about is why the name seems to be Smashing Pumpkins reference (who had a song titled "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning")? stylistically, this remix doesn't really make me think of either the pumpkins style, or of the style of their song with the same title. Not that it really matters, might have just been a coincidence, just found it odd. maybe i'm viewing the world too pumpkin-centrically.

    Cool stuff, i probably would have liked a little more variety in the instrumentation than the synth, but that's just me.

  2. Andrew actually mentioned some of Steve Reich's more experimental works. You might also want to look at his more classical works, such as his more famous Music for 18 Musicians, Tehillim/Desert Music, "Music for Mallet Instruments, Organs, and Voices" (the piece that inspired this), and "Woods,Strings, and Keyboards". I'm sure some of you will find them repeatitive, but given the fact that this site is about videogame music (a medium that is built for constant looping) i don't think it should be too much of a stretch.

  3. oh dear god i love you mazedude. not only does all your previous music rock, but steve reich is one of my favorite composers. I really like the usage of mallets in this song, its very reminiscent of some of reich's works, particularly his piece "Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organs." Following the minimalist style, it involves a nice slow progression and build up. This is extremely well constructed, your creativity is quite amazing.

    edit: oops, hadn't read the full write up before reviewing, apparently it was directly inspired by that piece, silly me.

  4. i kinda like this one, this song is sorta halfway new age sounding, the samples are good and the distorted piano is different.

    i really don't care how many remixes of zeal get made anyways, its a good song, and besides i don't even have that many remixes of the theme on my playlist compared to some other themes (like the chocobo theme, although people can feel free to stop making those cause i've always found it a bit on the goofy side anyways), so doesn't bug me. People should basically remix whatever they want to hear remixes of themselves, if what they want isn't already out there, you should make it.

  5. sweeeett.... i never thought i'd have any songs from mario64 because the soundtrack wasn't much. but i currently have 4 remixes of this one song, and every one of them is great. This one is just awesome, its like a slightly less complicated version of his other two piano related mixes (aphrodite oceanus and Aesir), but, well, mario. Wingless rocks.

  6. gotta compliment you wintermute, this is a pretty original song. and no, I'm not saying that as a way to get around saying "it sucks" cause this song is pretty sweet. As everyone else has stated, I normally hate lyrics or voice samples in the remixes, but you got it right. The lyrics make absolutely no sense, but they sound good, and you got the NIN thing going on which is a definite bonus with me. Glad to see some new styles being tried out here, be interested to see you make more like this. Very good one.

  7. Like everyone else said, this is one of the best songs on the site. Its quite different from all the others in style. I can't think of a single other song on this site that goes for such a complicated piano effect in combination with a smooth beat. As with all of Wingless' other stuff, this songs great, this one just happens to be my favorite and I'm glad I downloaded it back when it was posted in the forums for criticism before it made it onto the front page.

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