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  1. I strongly object to the admittance of any female to the panel who babbles on and on about yoga when she knows NOTHING about it, for it must be inferred that she will exhibit similar behaviors if allowed to present opinions and critiques of remixed video game tunage. It's so logical

  2. I believe that the mix has ample room for improvement, but it is fairly enjoyable in its current (and final) state. I agree w/ Liontamer on the repetativeness of the piano chords.. could have mixed things up a little more there, it's mechanical sounding, 'Anti-Jazz' even.( :x )It's got a good groove going on though, just could have been further developed. Even though it was a resubmit it still feels a bit incomplete.


    I just read Vigilante's vote and realized that I'm basically echoing what he said. But overall, the good outweighs the bad here.

    Also, these threads aren't the place to discuss judge panel drama or the overall quality of OCR compared to two years ago. Everyone's heard enough of that crap, this is a thread for reviewing this mix and this mix alone.

  3. Bought a new laptop for myself. Next Saturday, we will back with regular VGFs all da time and so forth. During the next few weeks, I'll be working to gather up lots of stuff I lost, but will hopefully have BGM and VGM and all that crud to play.

    I'll be hoping to do 4 extra shows (I believe I missed 4) in order to catch up with all the material put out in October. Keep an eye out for crud. Yep. Crud.

    Damn, that is some good news. I was just wondering when VGF would return and was about to try and get in touch w/ you, Larry. I miss the VGF :oops::cry:

    I'm not always around Saturday night to tune in but I sure do love dems mp3 downloads!

    Regarding VGF #20: I wanted to hear that one myself for the zyko interview and shit. The last time I talked to Larry about it, which was back in the spring, Species still had something to finish up as far as the recording went, or whatever. I don't know the details, but to my knowledge there is no recording of #20 in circulation. So if anyone has it, it's Species8472 -- he would be the guy to get in touch with.

  4. Heh.. I thought about the Pumpkins song as well.

    Great tune, I love the swirling-panning-flanging-statticy shit that flows in and out of the stereo field. I believe that this is a mix best enjoyed on a good pair of headphones.

    Excellent drums and I love the bassline as well. Great music, this.

    With this and Willed Assault, I am now coming to the realization that Seiken Densetsu had an excellent soundtrack. I kowtow to Mr. Ito.

  5. Not sure why it does a double .mp3 when you download it. You might have file extensions hidden for filenames in Windows. That's the first I've ever heard of that problem.

    Nah, I definitely have my file extensions in display mode, and your mp3's are the only ones that do it. Weird. If it doesn't happen to anyone else, it must just be me, but it's no big deal since I delete the extra extension anyway. Whateva.

    You best git that tape sent down, bwa!! And yes, we shall return. But first, I've got to do my karaoke rap remix.

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