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  1. I loved KOTOR I & II and for the longest time was wondering why there wasn't a third one. Especially with the way the second one ended. I really don't see a need for KOTOR to be an MMO. I guess I've never played an MMO before but it seems like more of a hassle and less smooth gameplay than if I were to put a game in my console and start playing. Furthermore, since my favorite part of those games was always the story, what's the point of having to play with other people? Especially because as was said they're gonna have most of it 'soloable' (I'm not precisely sure what that means in MMO terms).

    But that's enough of my complaining.

    But by the way, I would TOTALLY play a scoundrel.

  2. I hate running out of breath.

    I also hate it when I write a part that has...well not an impossible amount of words to fit in the line, but a difficult enough amount that I mess up several times before getting it to sound as cool as it does in my head.

    I also live pretty close to an airport, so that's messed my recordings up a few times too.

    I used to have a bird which would be making noise all day to the point where I didn't even notice it anymore. I'd only notice it when I played my recording back and it had all kinds of chirps in it.

  3. Is there a video where he actually says that he himself made these remixes? All I can ever see is that he says he made the video which... well it's not actually a video. I mean he isn't giving credit either, but I don't see any real "theft" here.

    Granted I have yet to go through all his videos...

    that's exactly what I was thinking

  4. Yeah I think both should be incorporated into the mix. I don't know what kind of structure your doing for the song, but #2 seems like a good way to start, then unleash #1 when you pick up the action (pre-chorus or through chorus or throughout a long verse).

    Sounds really good

  5. Yea that was a pretty cool report. I don't play too many new games, but I have thought about how well video games can be as a narrative medium on several occasions. I've played two final fantasies (VII & VIII), but recently the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games have impressed me.

    Anyways, just wanted to give props.

    I prolly don't have to say this but let us know how the presentation goes.

  6. During the first weekend of my 4 1/2 month stay in Japan another international student in the same study abroad program as me was playing against someone in Tekken 5 at the arcade. It was pretty exhilarating. I wanted to go around the machine to the guy he was facing and be like "Ooooh! In Yo' face!" everytime my friend won a round, but I held it in. My friend ended up losing the match.

    I didn't have much trouble not being addicted to arcades just because I figured there were better ways to spend money. But whatever's "the best way to spend money" is gonna be a lil different from person to person.

    I did go to arcades from time to time, but I was always got disappointed when I'd find out they had neither the Simpsons nor X-men.

  7. The song is the ultimate. Or something close to it.

    At first I was like huh? when the chiptune came on. But when it got to the part where everything cut out again and it was just the chiptune and pixietricks voice, I thought that part was really cool. It was an interesting thing to go with and I like it.

    Its such a rush when those drums first come in.

    Its also a rush when the guitar comes in. Too bad it ends right away...I wouldn't need a big 7 minute song but a little longer guitar section to close it out woulda been cool.

    I love how so many people came together on one mix. I love how so many people came together on one tribute album. Gives it all a real community feel.

  8. Hey sorry to bug everyone in this thread about this but does anyone here happen to have my entry for VOCR 1 called "Movin'". I forgot to include it on the CD's I burnt before I left the country for this study abroad program I'm on now so if someone could get it to me somehow I'd really appreciate it...


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