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  1. Orlando Nerd Fest, an annual celebration of nerd music and culture, will be taking place from August 7th to 11th, at the Orlando Airport Marriott.

    This year's event is already gearing up to be one of the biggest events in the nerd music scene. Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 has already confirmed Nobuo Uematsu And The Earthbound Papas as the main headline event -- Nobuo Uematsu, as a lot of video game music enthusiasts will know, is famous for scoring the majority of the Final Fantasy series.

    Other major performers include The Megas, Random Encounter, and URIZEN. The staff in charge of Orlando Nerd Fest are excited to announce these talented acts as part of the event, and are sure that this will be a weekend no true nerd will want to miss.

    Tickets for Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 are now available through Brown Paper Tickets.


    For more information, and to stay updated on this awesome event, follow Orlando Nerd Fest on social media!

    Official Orlando Nerd Fest website -- http://orlandonerdfest.com

    ONF on Facebook -- http://facebook.com/orlandonerdfest

    ONF on Twitter -- http://twitter.com/orlandonerdfest


    Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 Artist Line Up

    Nobuo Uematsu

    The Wordburglar

    Kirby Krackle

    The Doubleclicks

    Schaffer the Darklord

    The Megas



    Devo Spice

    The Great Luke Ski

    Dr. Awkward

    Random Encounter


    Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 Hotel And Travel Information

    The Orlando Airport Marriott is the home of Orlando Nerd Fest 2014. As such, it is also the staff's choice for your stay during the event!

    The Orlando Airport Marriott

    7499 Augusta National Drive

    Orlando, Florida 32822


    You can also take advantage of the special group rate offered to ONF2014 attendees.

    For your traveling convenience, we recommend making Orlando International Airport (MCO) your flight destination. It is located just outside of the Orlando Nerd Fest venue.

  2. It's just the nature of business, Protricity!

    There was one employee who didn't agree with the merger, and they left as a result. This one ThaSauce Network employee who turned down joining OCReMix was the weakest one on the whole team. Selfish people make bad news. Good riddance!

    What’s so interesting about success is the number of failures who try to ride on your back. Tom Marvin is just one of many...

  3. vgmix4.png

    After an unfortunate turn of events we regret to announce that ThaSauce has ended our relationship with OverClocked ReMix indefinitely, active immediately. This is a really sad day for all of us, but after months of discussion and preparation, we have to call it off. Negotiations broke down soon after our announcement after we reached unresolved circumstances between ourselves and the OverClocked ReMix staff, particlarly Stevo “Level99″ Bortz.

    Things aren’t all bad, though. As we realized we were reaching an impasse we began exploring our other partnership options. With that said, we are now proud to announced new relationship between ThaSauce and Jake “vert” Kaufman and his VGMix team. Jake has been very understanding of the circumstances between us and OCReMix, and as a result we have decided to join forces to make the best online community that video game arrangements have ever seen!

    As a celebration of our new, hopefully long-lasting, partnership we are proud to announce the launch of VGMix Archive. VGMix Archive is a large, searchable index of every VGMix 1, 2, and X song we could pull together. Preview and download your favorite tracks, or download the whole collection via BitTorrent! We hope to keep VGMix Archive a constantly updating archive, so anyone who has any tracks that we might be missing, feel free to let us know!

    We apologize for all the preceding drama, but we are dedicated to moving forward and making the internet a better place one video game remix at a time, no matter how many beards try to stand in our way!



    ThaSauce is proud to announce a new partnership with OverClocked ReMix. As an official subsidiarity of Overclocked Remix ThaSauce will now be covering exclusive OCReMix news as well as adopting OverClocked ReMix level-standards across all of ReMix:ThaSauce. Soon you’ll notice many R:TS songs being removed as part of our first lockdown efforts to meet the overall quality of our sister site. An estimated 275 songs are current up for review with more possible in the future.

    To celebrate our new union we’re proud to present you with the FIRST Official OverClocked/ThaSauce Arrangement Project from one of the most popular games on the internet today: ReMixville! A Cityville/Farmville Arrangement Album.

  4. paige is still with you? geez.


    Remember a bajillion years ago when some ultranoob messaged you asking if you'd play a remix of his? Remember how you made an exception to your usual rules and played a WIP on VGF? Remember how the entire chatroom made fun of me afterwards because of how much it sucked?

    Ahh, good times those were. Good times.

    Congrats. And also, djp if you don't make a webpage for weddings and marriages in the community, somebody else might have too, right Rama? D:

  5. Hey guys, let's totally compare notes, find out who's on what shard, and see if we can't coordinate a guild.

    If you've already started playing, post what shard you're on!

    I'm on Ashstone.

  6. I wrote this piece for a music festival at my university, one that I later found out hadn't actually been scheduled to take place this year and I had imagined the email that had informed me of it. Lesson learned: Do not trust myself at all costs.

    Anyway, the song is about a hero who faces a great evil oppressing the land, defeats it but is mortally wounded in the process. He dies, and finds himself in the afterlife. After first being apprehensive about it, he accepts it and learns that the afterlife is just another adventure. Before long, another great evil threatens the land, and the hero is resurrected in order to destroy it. The hero fights his way to the end-boss and begins his epic fight for the fate of the world. Just as he is about to make the finishing blow, the scene fades to reveal the world: safe once again.


  7. I guess it's a good thing that I've decided to go with AT&T's Uverse as opposed to them then, huh.

    If you read the whole article, it says that AT&T is conducting their own trials on capping bandwidth. I'm going to kill them if they implement it. I easily go through several terabytes in a month.

  8. If all else fails, I would recommend using a wonderful malware remover called ComboFix. It's probably the best out there, and is also EXTREMELY powerful.

    As in, 10%+ chance of permanently destroying your operating system when you use it. I've had to use it a few times on machines on my home network, and it completely destroys malware, no traces left behind.

    I would read up on it on some of the computer security forums out there to find out the pros and cons to using it, to help you decide whether or not to.

  9. WIN. :D

    And for those of you who don't know me, ask any of the following people about me:




    possibly djpretzel (here is pic of him, Larry, and I at Magfest before last)







    (and the list goes on...)

    Also, I'm an administrator and coder over at ThaSauce. So yes, I would consider myself somewhat of a cool and important guy. D:

    And if anyone's interested, I also dabble in music, though I wouldn't say I'm very good. Not bad, mind you, just not very great.

    (Here's a WIP of an original from an album I'm working on!)

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