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  1. You didn't say "in my opinion", however. This remix is a good song, but I believe if you asked a random sampling of one hundred musicians, you would find that a very small percentage (or a zero percentage) would say this it is the best song ever.

    But I did explain my extreme bias at the beginning. (This is getting a bit obsessive-complulsive, isn't it? :oops: )

  2. Well, I registered here just so I could say "this song rocks".

    I'm a bit biased of course. I used to have a tape with 45 minutes of the original, recorded amateurishly from the TV, with which I sent myself to sleep every damn night for about half a year, until the tape broke.

    I couldn't say if this remix is better. I suck at judging things like that. But along with the original, and other variations, it's in a field far above any other music. It's nice with some variation, too.

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