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  1. I'm looking for some rock soundfonts. Overdriven guitars and Distorted guitars mainly as I only have one of each and they aren't really great.

    I could do with a bass with more 'oomph' that still sounds smooth. Either that or I'm not processing it properly to get that sound.

    I have drumkits, but only really one kit that is useful for traditional rock instrumentations. I'm not terribly worried about this because it isn't a bad set, but if possible I'd like to bring up more options for myself.

    I'm mainly after electric guitar Soundfonts though.

  2. [Timidity info & Help File]

    Ahh, besides the quality and availability advantage, I notice I don't have to edit the config to list every instrument like I would have to for GUS patches. Nice :D

    Thank you, now I can get some decent quality mp3s of all these MIDI compositions I've made over the years ;)

  3. Is the program you are talking about Timidity++? If so, you don't even need the GUS patches - you can just use soundfonts. I'd be happy to tell you how to set up Timidity for soundfonts if that is the case.

    I'm new to this jargon so correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression I needed a decent sound card to successfully use soundfonts. If that's the case, I won't be able to because I have a worthless card that has minimal to zero MIDI functionality.

    But if I don't then that would be great, of course :D

    And yes, it is Timidity I'm referring to.

  4. I recently got a program which I'm liking, but it seems it only wants a particular type of sample, of a GUS format.

    I currently have one set of basic instruments, and while some of them are bareable, others are less than good to the ear.

    So, does anyone here have any GUS patches, or know where I can find some? They haven't been the easiest thing to find so far. Given, I have only had the program two days, but two or three days search if I can get help here is better than 6 months...

    Quality would be very nice, but I'm also after quantity. So, I will pretty much take anything.

    If you have GUS stuff, but don't want to be nice and send everything you have, or have too much to send all at once or something...I would appreciate in the least, some drums, acoustic bass, flute, and harpishcord...as these instruments in particular are very displeasing in my current set.

    Note: The format this program says it needs is GUS but the file extension of these patches is not .gus but rather .pat...so if you have no idea what this GUS stuff is, but have or know where .pat files can be downloaded from, I'm betting that they will probably work anyway.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me URLs, FTPs, or basically send me any of this stuff.

  5. Not to put down any other Zelda mix on the site, but this is definitely my favourite of the pick. Or maybe Ancient Hero...no, this...wait, Ancient Hero...bah, one of the two :oops:

    And, do correct me if I'm wrong but...isn't the Outset theme a vague mix of the Mabe Village theme anyway? Give them a close listen.

    Hell, at least it isn't as vague as Hyrule Field being a rendition of the traditional Overworld theme. It took me ages before I relised that one.

  6. Chrono Trigger: Dark Gaia was hard if you didn't have Luminair, Flare, or a triple tech.

    You are joking, yes? Flare is good, but you could do this without, Luminair was a load of crap especially considering how much MP it used, and you could do way way more damage to anything in CT with a dual tech and a single because the triple techs did crap all.

    All you had to do was keep the hands down, LOL. Hell, as long as there was at least one of them down it was easy enough.

  7. I read most of this thread...but, I'm looking for a prog in which you can use a musical staff to create multiple layers of a track, but which uses samples blah blah rather than MIDI output.

    FREE, of course...and capable of exporting to mp3/wav.

    I checked most of the programs listed here, if one of them is capable of this...either it's one of the couple I couldn't be bothered checking, or I didn't know how to access this aspect of the program.

    Any suggestions/help/advice will be greatly appreciated :D

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