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  1. I agree with what people said about the arrangement official capcom OST. That thing was horrible and I had high hopes of it being good but I was really disapointed and I love to see you guys bring it to shame and show capcom that they should hire you guys to do the arrangement ost next time...lol

    I feel sorry for whoever picks the state select music. The most horribles of horrible of stage music. That's the only music I hated in Megaman 9 hopefully a remixer can actually do some good and make it actually listenable its... so horrible. Please don't fail me!

    Other than that i'm pretty stoke about this project and seeing the mixer listed on the project, I know i'm going to end up happy. :)

  2. The format is flac, I think, and you will need iTunes or an iPod to play the tracks back because they'll be encoded with your iTunes store account name, so to play them back, you have to authorize your computer to play songs from your iTunes store account.

    Yeah I just downloaded the itunes software and purchased "Breathing You" & "Antigravity" Very good songs and I give it my personal two thumbs up. ;) So is there anyway I can play these tracks using my mp3 player? I don't use/have a Ipod or am I screwed and HAVE to open up ITUNES just to listen this?

  3. I must say. This song is great. I've been a fan of your music for some time. over at vgmix2. i've downloaded all your music. the rad racer song and the ninja gaiden. I'm always in awe of you. The only person that compares to your greatness in this genre i think is haroon piracha eh ffmusicdj.

    anyways, my major gripe with this mix or any the mix you remixed. is that you need to find a female vocalist. haha. Vocal trance is one of favs. Kinda like motorcycle - as the rush comes is some good vocals. Or you need to find someone like Ian Van Dahl. SERIOUSLY find a female vocalist. PLEASE. Have you ever thought of trying that? well you should. heh. Then your threesome will be complete. You, Sadorf and a female vocalist. OH the possiblities.

    so yeah, sandorf and sirnuts make a perfect duo. And a perfect team should remix Ninja Gaiden 3 stage 4-1. hahaha jokes jokes. But that would be a dream come true. though. *hint hint*


    keep up the good work SirNuts and Sandorf.

    long time fan.

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