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  1. The US commercial for Galaxy is fucking terrible. I'm glad I imported the Japanese game to show support for their marketing team...or something.

    Who am I kidding, the Wii is doomed with these god awful commercials until the end of it's lifespan.

    Edit: Also, is anyone up for a few games of Battalion Wars 2 sometime this week? I'm free in the evenings unless I'm playing TF2 (which I probably will be).

  2. So Battalion Wars 2 is pretty awesome. The only real gripe I have with the game, aside from Nintendo's stubbornness with some online features, is the fact that you can still lock on to your on units. This is so you can lock on to a unit to transfer your control to it, but you can just use the D-pad to select a unit type then hold A to do it which is easier and faster. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to target in a group of 20+ troops.

    That aside, the game is an overall improvement from the first. Online is incredibly fun.

  3. Kwarp:

    There are 3 statues in the upper part of the room, 1 on the left and 2 on the right. There is an empty spot where a statue has been destroyed on the left, place Rose there and grab a mirror from one of the statues (only one will give up their the mirror) and put it in her hands. You can then use her to deflect the light or whatever that stuff is.

  4. Paying nearly 100 bucks then having to pay for DLC(those awesome 3 packs with 2 shitty songs at full price) = lame.

    Rock Band will be out before people get completely through it anyway and will move on very quickly. I see no reason at all to touch GH DLC, no matter what platform it's on.

  5. Isn't there like 75 songs? With several difficulties, unlockables and online play, I'd imagine it lasting quite a while.

    DLC is a non-issue for me, seeing as how it was handled on the 360 version of GH2 was so disgusting.

  6. Oh, you can still talk to each other...through pre-made messages mapped to a button, using the phone, Skype, Vent...basically anything that doesn't involve them allowing headsets or even keyboards in games.

  7. In my opinion, the first Front Mission hasn't aged gracefully (well, the music still rocks). Maybe it's the small screen, but it just doesn't feel as good as it did before.

    If you're a fan of Phoenix Wright you *need* to finish 3. Advent is also very good but if you played ZX 1, you played Advent already (though it is definetly worth playing if you can afford both games).

  8. Animal Crossing an MMO?


    Edge magazine is reporting that Nintendo's Wii iteration of its hugely popular Animal Crossing franchise is taking a massively multiplayer online direction.

    While we're still waiting for Nintendo to officially confirm anything about a Wii version of Animal Crossing (apart from the fact that it's coming), Edge's latest issue opens with the news lead: "Animal Crossing goes MMO".

    The latest issue of the mag reports, "A Japanese source has confirmed to Edge that the upcoming Wii iteration of Animal Crossing is set to be a social networking MMO."

    No further details are reported so we're left hanging about exactly when we'll be able to buy cheap turnips off the black market in Russia.

    When contacted Nintendo only say it wouldn't comment on rumour and speculation. Bet your biggest fish this is happening...

    *If* this is true, is it going to be dumbed down with friend codes and no communication whatsoever with strangers or will Nintendo abandon their childlike bullshit for online games?

  9. I think the most important point you are missing is that Sony is in no position to remove anything from the hardware. If they sold a 40GB model with full BC at launch for $400, sales in Japan alone could have pushed the worldwide sales into a much less embarassing position than they are now. Stop worrying about manufacturing costs when you're not selling hardware or software unless you plan on discontinuing the goddamn thing.

  10. I haven't seen any real positive media coverage of the PS3 lately. Even the price drop was crapped on because of the BC removal in the 40GB (and rightly so).

    (it's nice to want things though, isn't it?)

  11. No, no. Cheaper or not, that's not the point. Backward cataloges are a nigh distraction and nuisances that only the most hardcore stuck up gamers may even give a cent about when it comes down to BUYING decisions. It'd be nice to get good backward compatibility, but is it a selling point? NO. No it is not. You buy new consoles to get new games. It's that simple.

    But aren't "only the most hardcore" buying PS3s? The general public has no idea the PS3 exists with all the Wii and 360 shit going on.

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