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  1. Thanks for the comments, Jared! Been a fan of yours for a while now.

    Since you mentioned CineStrings, just wanted to say that's the main string library you're hearing here. I've been using it for a bunch of mockups lately, and it's pretty great. I was kind of surprised to discover how rough it got when exposed and at a softer dynamic like at the end of this arrangement, though. I'd been thinking maybe I could get away with it, but it sounds like I need to sweeten it a little more.

    The only other deficiencies in the library I'd cite are high melodic lines -- usually end up doubling those with another library (CS2 here) and runs, which they very well might add when Pro comes out. Otherwise it's good and tweakable but easy to work with; definitely recommended.

    Cinebrass is pretty good (love that solo horn) but their trumpets make me want to kill myself. :-)

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. Oh man, I know exactly what you mean about getting hit with a brick when this first plays. I haven't seen this part in ten years and yet I think I can still picture the sunset and the bell from Leene Square, with the ghosts of Crono and crew running around...

    Anyway, very nice homage to that moment, and others we've lost. Some of Mitsuda's tunes are absolutely made for nostalgia, and I say it's okay to indulge in that from time to time. Thanks for giving us a fresh way to do so.

  3. Anything by Joe Hisaishi (I say that with loving irony, in that it's all good, but he definitely goes back to the same sounds in every film). I think Spirited Away shows the most variety and interest of his scores.

    I'll second Thomas Newman (Shawshank Redepmtion if you want melody and atmosphere, American Beauty if you want him doing the percussion thing, maybe Finding Nemo if you want both?), and suggest Rachel Portman as well (Chocolat, Emma, Cider House Rules). She's a little monochromatic, but still good.

  4. Hey all. So I'm pretty excited about the Game of Thrones TV show HBO is working on, and decided to take a spin at writing some theme music as a way of learning to work with SO Gold. Production is not a strength of mine, so I'd love to hear what you think works and what you think doesn't. I feel like I'm having a particularly difficult time mixing in the percussion in an effective way.


    Thanks for any of your comments!

  5. If I remember my music history class correctly (which I probably don't, but anyway) I think Stravinsky even got himself into minor trouble once, accidentally using a melody from some pop tune that he heard an organ grinder playing outside his window or something.

    If I remember MY music history classes right, I think that was sort of Stravinsky's thing. I mean, he made a big deal about how he was only inspired by Russian folk music, but he never used any of it directly, and then a bunch of musicologists came along and were like, "Actually all of these are known folk tunes."

    So if he can do it, we totally can.

  6. Okay, so I'm working on revising some scores for an old piece in Finale. I open up the project in Cakewalk Home Studio (like I said, OLD piece) to check something out. Now when I come back to Finale, it doesn't recognize MIDI input. It sees my keyboard is there, and MIDI input definitely still works in other programs. Exiting Finale and rebooting haven't done anything.

    Anyone seen anything like this before? Thoughts or suggestions?

    EDIT: Man, please ignore this post -- I am dumb.

  7. Where's my Warcraft Broadway musical?

    You joke, but when Blizzard first announced they were working on a Warcraft movie years ago, some friends and I thought to ourselves: What could be more ridiculous than this? And we came up with the same answer. We didn't get that far; pretty much a story outline and a couple numbers, but it would've been awesome.

  8. Yeah, I was always amused by the fact that everybody seemed to be reading this prophecy about "balance" as just a great all-around thing. I mean, once Anakin's purge starts, you wonder about the Jedi scholars sitting around saying "Oh yes, well, I guess that is another possible reading of the prophecy. Ha! Our bad."

  9. I played a couple face to face games with friends in college, but we settled on e-mail games for allowing a better (and more entertaining) way to communicate. I think the theory was also that it's less of a time commitment, because we'd just submit orders around three times a week. Turns out that's crap, though, as dhsu pointed out: it consumes your life even when you're not at the computer. It also turns out that playing a game that requires a lot of dissembling and treachery is not, in fact, a good way to keep in touch with old friends spread out over the country.

    I don't remember any particularly entertaining stories, beyond the usual amusing indignation when things don't work out the way a power planned. I once stepped in at the tail end of a game that had basically come down to a standoff between Germany and Austria, with an emaciated Russia as a weak third power. Russia had been a newbie and something of a pawn of Austria's for a while. I managed to play Germany and Austria for WAY longer than I should have gotten away with, to the point where they proposed a three way draw.

    Then there was the Youngstown variant game where my friend (Russia) and I (China) agreed to an ironclad alliance for a shared victory. This is sort of against the spirit of the game, and for good reason -- after we'd obliterated Japan (who had nobody he could turn to for help), like four other powers formed a globe-spanning alliance to take us down.

  10. I had to kind of laugh at the interview where Bear McCreary talks about his "different" take on the music for BSG. I mean, it's no Star Trek, to be sure, but season 1 at least was almost track for track an homage to Zimmer's Black Hawk Down score. It's not like it didn't work or it's not fun to listen to, but let's call a spade a spade, hmm, Bear?

  11. I just realized... the Isengard theme in the LOTR trilogy must be 5/4.

    Yeah, in one of the 5,000+ interviews on those DVDs I think HoSho mentions that he chose the meter to point up the industrial nature of Isengard. It's been forever, but I think there's a scene in RotK where it seems to be implied that the orcish drummers are pounding out march time in 5/4, and it's hilarious imagining your run of the mill stupid orc trying to keep up, going...

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    "..., 3, 4, 5

    "1, 2, *breathes*

  12. I hate -- HATE -- "Last Battle." I can't really explain why, but on an otherwise awesome soundtrack filled with great memories, it still makes me cringe. I say this, so that I can thank you for taking the feel of its rolling bass and turning it into the foundation for something really enjoyable. Solid job, and I'm loving the incorporation of lots of different melodic sources -- all of them add something, and none ever feel like they're overstaying their welcome.

  13. Man, the announcer on that video was the best part of it. As much of a Starcraft geek as I am, I was still like, "Dude, it is just a computer game."

    I'm getting kind of tired of being led on though. I still keep checking battle.net weekly (at least it's not daily any more) for some more news about when we might see this, but I've been doing that for coming up on two years here. I don't begrudge Blizzard their time on the game, but did we need to announce it so early? I mean, you made WoW. It's not like you need the attention. Comes a point where I would rather have the game than be fed snippets of news for years on end.

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