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  1. This is a subject I'm sadly all too familiar with myself, having lost a 15 year old cousin to suicide, as well as an uncle just two weeks after my grandfather passed.

    I've had my very low times in life, and it's been friends that have pulled me through the worst. Things do get better, but you have to push yourself to reach for it. Most of the time it seems like suicide is a very in the moment thing, and you just have to remember in those moments that there are people that legitimately care about you. Talk to them. Don't think that you're weak.

    It sucks to hear that such a good and talented friend of yours went this way Doug. None of us will ever understand why these incredible people leave us the way they do. The best we can do is remember them, and do what we can to help those that are alive and in need of a friend.

  2. We are working with new plugins and they fucked up our backups a bit. Also why are you only now voicing this grievence?

    Because the grievence happened yesterday. I had been working on the skyscraper during the day, drowsytaco was working on that pool, and even you logged in during that and kept jumping into the pool. I logged off at 5pm central, and when I logged in that evening the entire building had been TNTed, and not one person cared. Everyone said the server was being reset again and that "don't worry, we'll build another tower together!" It actually bothered me that drowsy wasn't phased at all by the loss of the tower.

    No one else's stuff was destroyed. Just mine. No one would admit to doing anything, even though I'm pretty sure that people on the server that I'm not going to name were responsible for it. In the end, I can't trust anyone on there.

    And seriously, two server resets in a matter of weeks? No point in building a damn thing if it gets reset that often.

  3. Well, I'm calling it quits permanently on the OCAD Server. There are griefers running rampant on it and no one seems to care. I'm tired of spending immense amounts of time building shit only to have people TNT it to the ground because it's funny. It was fun while it was fun guys. I'll be building elsewhere now.

  4. I'm glad to share. It's not often that I run across something that inspires me to the point of sharing.

    I just showed this film to my parents. My dad is a classic pianist, and old school rock n' roller, so I thought he'd find it interesting as well. I think he liked it. It makes me want to redefine myself where I stand as a musician, and perhaps finally craft my own style.

  5. I bugged Stevo about the griefer thing weeks ago. Pretty sure I was talking with said griefer(s) after they messed things up since they kept asking who owned the server, and one of them left a sign at spawn saying "THIS SERVER IS AWESOME!" They also knew exactly what my place was even before I described it.

    Anyway, I haven't bothered building there since then. No point since they have access to continue destroying.

  6. Looks like the OCAD server has been getting griefed. Lava all over my place where all my animals were, and some stuff stolen.

    Not sure who drowsytaco or kaidad are, but drowsy keeps asking who the owner of the server is.

    Anyway, so much for having a grief free place to build. :(

  7. In the colder months and winter the fish will slow down and become more dormant to conserve energy and fat. They stopped feeding them weeks ago to help them start their dormant cycle. About five bags of salt were added to the water to cause the fish to develop a thicker slime coat to protect them from parasites. This is also what is partially causing the haziness in the water. My father is going to be doing a large water change tonight to help alleviate some of that.

  8. You remember your favorite fish screen savers from the past? Well, now you can watch real LIVE fishies all day long!

    I spent part of my weekend helping set up a stream for the underwater camera I gave my parents to put in their Koi pond. You can check it out on ustream here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/baxter-koi-cam

    The pond is about 4.5 feet deep, and the fish spend the winter in there. There are many koi in there, and also many goldfish. Best time to watch is during the day. At night the camera switches to black and white and turns on its infrared array, which unfortunately reflects on the particles in the water. You can still see the fish at night if they come close. Hopefully once the waterfall is shut down things will settle.

    Not sure how many people dig this kind of thing but I thought it'd be fun to share.

  9. I have not touched Reason since 2.5, so I know I'll be in for a huge surprise when I do finally manage to upgrade to a new version. I never had a chance to play with Record, which I was looking forward to, but I don't think it'd be a show stopper. Maybe I'll pick up 6 as a christmas present to myself this year.

  10. I just found out that my next semester of school doesn't start until the day after MAG ends. SO EXCITED! Totally going to plan on being there again this year. Looking forward to seeing/hanging out with all of you again. Hopefully I'll get to spend a little more time with a larger variety of people instead of devoting all-too-many hours to watching Matt Pollard getting completely and utterly pass-out-on-the-floor hammered. :)

    How are you getting there?

  11. That'd be cool. I haven't been on it a while, but when I came back into my castle I saw some dirt blocks floating where some lapis blocks used to be, so maybe it was recent? I can always give myself what I lost, but I had a good bit of work into the roof.

    Griefers are dicks. Also, teach me how to protect my crap sometime.

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