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  1. This post isn't about the remix (sorry) but about a huge beef I have with the writeup.

    Now, before going into the juicy details on Jordan's (excellent) mix, I'd be more than a little dishonest in not mentioning that up until very recently, I myself was on this project, and the fashion in which I dissociated from it wasn't exactly 'amicable'. You'd get ten different stories from ten different people, but my own take is that because I was uninformed up until the last minute of someone on the project that I'd rather not collaborate with, even in a symbolic sense, I withdrew my contribution. I still question the goal of "unifying" the community by an invitation-only mixer selection process that keeps some people, namely me, in the dark

    This has no place in a remix write up whatsoever. Putting in a personal tidbit, especially something of this nature, is unprofessional and unacceptable. You made a remark about drama - what is this? The vast majority of people downloading this mix would have had no idea about any kind of drama had you not posted a comment like that, and frankly it not only makes you look bad, but having it in a ReMix decscription makes OCR look bad as well.

    This site is about game music and the community of remixers and fans behind it, not petty squabbling and personal differences behind the scenes. I think it would be in your best interest and in the best interest of the site to remove references to whatever kind of drama fest happened in the making of this album. Please don't tarnish it.

  2. Man, that harp is nice and the delayed drums are truly slick (rim shot's a little weak but meh). I love the intro. You could've let that go for another minute and I wouldn't have been upset. It's really cool that the feel of the original is still completely intact even though you've never played the game *shakes head*. Great stuff here.

    This is the thing that impressed me the most - the original is probably my favorite track from the game and this remix takes everything great about that song and makes it better. This is a really slick song - very, very nice work.

  3. Ohhhh I think I'm in love!

    This remix just works. Everything fits together perfectly. This makes me so happy. I mean, wow. I'm inchoerent this is so awesome.

    Star is easily one of my favorite remixers on this website, and songs like this are fucking why. I loved Tickle My Wily, it had a kind of power behind it, but this takes the fucking cake right here. I really don't have the skill to analyse this on a huge in depth technical level, but from an asthetic point of view, this is easily professional grade. Easily. You can really just feel the song in the section preceeding 3:30 and after it. The synth that was chosen just fits in perfectly, and really helps to carry a lot of the emotion of the song along with the wonderful voice work. The voice and the synth really compliment each other.

    I don't know about you guys, I get a vision of X and Zero going through it together. It sounds really cheesy, but they are players one and two when you really get down to it.

    This shit's making me all nostalgic and misty eyed. I bow to you, sir.

  4. Absoluetly incredible. Jeremy Soule is one of my favorite game composers and it blows my mind that he did a remix. Coming from sombody thats sat in an orchesta pit, this sounds real. If you close your eyes you can see it being played in a concert hall, and you can see the Magitek armor marching across the snowfield, a fragile young woman at the reins.

    I was completely floored with this remix. I feel that it's one of the best ones on the site easily, and it takes a old and overused theme and injects some life and fire back into it. It feels very wintry especially with the piano and harp going on, and these have to be the most convincing brass samples I have ever heard. My favorite part has to be at 1:46 when the almost wailing flute comes in after the heavy brass cuts out. Combined with the piano and choir samples, you can really feel the tension and electricity, almost an understated desperation and sorrow, in the sound.

    Hats off, Mr. Soule. This is a favorite. Can't wait for some more.

  5. Really great work here, eveything fits and flows together. Actually, it's kinda of ironic, I was listening to La Saia's Resting Placewhen this was posted and I was thinking "Wow, this remix is really good, I wish Dev had more songs posted...."

    There's something about this song that sounds very human, very natural. It feels lonely and alone. I think it really captures something special, both as a remix and a standalone piece. The samples are very good, I don't have really any nitpicks. But, one thing that would have helped a lot would be having the fret noise on the guitar, I just kept expecting it because it felt so natural.

    Temporal, thanks for the link. I'll definetly be checking it out, good luck :)

  6. Beautiful mix from a beautiful game. Everything works and flows together well. I downloaded this from his site about a month ago and was wondering when it was gonna be accepted :) My only issue with the song is that some of the samples are a bit tinny sounding, but thats just nitpicking. Hope to hear more in the future :)

    Lomion, the original song, called "Heart of the Giant", can be downloaded from EccoServ in the mp3 section.

  7. Wow...... Where to start... an incredible song. Even with the light piano and ambience that begins the track you can tell so much work was put into this. Every sample is perfect and the piece just flows beautifully. All the little background things, like the wind esque sound beneath the piano or the light thunder for the transition, really do make this track. The depth of sound just encompasses you but it's never overwhelming. There's a lot going on at once, but it's never distracting at all.

    Even more impressive is that fact that this is a first time contribution. I was immidiately blown away by this track, and even more so when I remembered that this is a first time ReMix. This song shows a lot of promise, excellent work. I'll be waiting for more.

  8. Very solid song, I like this arrangement a lot. It reminds me of something you'd hear on a radio in the AM band in a light rainstorm or something. Weird images but a very good song. Yes it does need a little work to clear up the cloudyness but other than that I'm very impressed, this is really good for a first submission with freee software. Props to Zewtra, very nice stuff.

  9. Overall good song. The beginning is very good, I like the feeling it envokes. The beautiful guitar was my favorite part of the song. At 1:14 when the flute came in I felt like it was a little too loud after the very trancy mood and low volume of the music before it. The sample for the pan flute that was used is slightly tinny sounding and needed some vibrato on the longer notes. Also some of the percussion samples were very robotic sounding, for lack of a better word. I don't know if this was intentional but it clashed a little with that wonderful guitar. Don't mind my nit picking, it's a good song and if you've played the game you know what a great track the mountain theme is. Good first submission.

  10. an awesome take on an already awesome track. this is easily one of the best remixes on the site, just for the quality of the sound and all the work put into it. my only complaint is the trumpet (? i tihnk it was a trumpet, but its its not somebody please tell me) right beofre the kick ass guitar starts sounds a little bad. :D don't mind my nit picking, its a great track

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