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  1. This is the only remix from the game though. So you can't really compare it to the remixes from Star Ocean, which is a different game alltogether.

    I agree with this. Review the song itself, not how it compares to others.

    I loved the energy in this song a lot. The only thing that I find kinda lacking is the very very heavy game feel to it. Granted, its a game remix, but other than the guitars, it sounds like it could be played back on a snes. Was that the overall intention? I have a hard time rating this personally, cuz.. I do enjoy it a lot (Hell I can spend all day listening to SPCs and NSFs :) ), but in terms of originality, I don't know. I'll give it a 7.5/10 but I think it could easily be improved to a 8.0-8.5 if it sounded a little less gamey/tracked. Great job for a first submission, however, look forward to the next track!


  2. Sometimes I wonder what the judges panel is smoking. This is a fantastic mix, not to mention the first X2 mix.

    There is nothing wrong with this mix, makes me want to break out X2 and start playing again.

    All techno is generic guys, you either like it or you dont. I have never heard any "revolutionary" techno. As for this song, this has a eurobeat sound to it, something kinda like outta Initial-D anime.

    I like it a lot, its one of my top 10 from this site.

    Good job, Darkesword.

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