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  1. Do you have any plans of making a remix of Taka's song, "V", in the future? With your talent, you could make that song sound more grand than it already is...

    If he remixed V, he wouldn't be remixing V, he would be remixing Winter. Winter is a pretty bland song, V isn't as spectacular as you think it is. I know SGX's style and I know how he progresses and a song like V wouldn't make a good SGX mix. I know a few songs that would (revolutionary etude hip hop), but he didn't want to do them.

    PS: It's "bemani", not "benami".

  2. I kinda watered down the difficulty of about 2 or 3 parts of 4F73R M3 in a v2.5 re-release I'm working on for my site when the main page launches after my collection comes out... right now, it's kinda strictly for keyboards, but this will make it able to be passed on pads pretty easily (not as hard as MAX300 heavy, but hard). Essentially the same steps, just removed the BS jumps and such. Anyway, the version of this I will do will have about 5 or so sets of steps, not 1 like 4F73R M3, considering the 4F73R M3 stepset was originally designed for FFR. You can get my originals at http://www.arch0wl.com

    Oh and wingundamzerowhatever, don't even bother. Mwerp's already DWIed the long version; my DWI of the shortened 2:20 version (people are only human, they can't step to this for 4 and a half minutes) will be out for TM5 which is like next month and yours will seem incredibly insignificant. It may be harsh, but it's the truth.

    One thing I am in need of is a graphic artist, Radical J is getting kind of flaky with stuff and wouldn't let me use the BG he did for Mwerp's, which is significantly superior to this one he made earlier http://www.arch0wl.com/kickyoura-bg.png which was based off the original bg at http://www.arch0wl.com/A-bg.png

    It's good, but it doesn't capture the essence of the song. If anyone on here is a good photoshop artist and can make something that truly captures the song (and you want your graphic to be played in the background by thousands of people) then let me know.

    As for strokes per minute... I don't know, but per second it's about 13 or so, with MAX300 being 10. It's actually not that fast in the games, it definitely is if it were to be played on piano but when you're talking like 7 or 4 keys you can get people who can go into the range of 23+ hits per second, including myself.

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