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  1. I'm just thinking ahead:

    'I say, this Ledger felow does a terrible Joker; I shall away to his place of residence and beat him about the skull and shoulders with a lead pipe until he expires of Death of the Brain. Oh, bollocks and damnation, it appears he has done the job for me. Now I am of two minds as to what to do next. Well, this fellow sitting next to me seems to be a seedy and unlikeable sort; mayhaps I shall beat him to death in Ledger's stead.'

    Then with the screaming and the bloodshed and the police and all. You know, just far too noisy.

  2. Hm. That's going to put a damper on the next Batman movie, because if someone does a bad job I generally wish I could beat them to death with a lead pipe.

    Damn him for taking the option from me. And pre-release, too.

    Yeah, but the ghost of Cesar Romero put him up to it.

  3. It's rather funny, these protest groups afraid that exposure to this movie or the books will turn their children away from faith. Is their faith so fragile a fantasy book could destroy it? It's almost like they were fanatics of another fantasy book and hated the idea of competition...

    Especially considering as most failths run along the lines of: 'A giant invisible man in the sky did everything'...

  4. Just for "the record;" news have now reached the interest of Norwegian journalists; currently it's frontpage news in one of the three major newspapers in Norway (the other two focus on the election in Russia).


    "Did he get fired for being honest?"

    Direct link to the article (It's in Norwegian, of course.)

    Yeah, but this is mostly because nothing happens in Norway.

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