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  1. Excellent... I enjoy this remix more every time I listen to it. Well layered, thoughtful, and complex. My only complaint is that on the first listen I thought that my speakers were broken during the quiet section in the first minute. I think that an expanded and more fluid intro would enhance the accessability of the piece. Great stuff...

  2. I love this track... I took a trip by myself to Australia and New Zealand last fall for about 2 months and this song became an anthem for my experience. I spent a lot of time on my own hiking, reading, and relaxing and this song always served as a great accompaniment to my moments of introspection. I am very thankful to the artist that covered this classic Donkey Kong Country theme, there are so many layers to the song that each listen is different for me.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the first submission from Unipulator even though I have never played Last Blade 2. Chrono trigger however I have played, and this theme, appropriately named Zeal, was one of my favorites. Immediatley in listening to this piece I noticed a positive correlation to the Last Blade 2 Remix. Both pieces have an excellent balance to the sound, and while I enjoyed how Un. used the fretless bass in his first mix, I really enjoyed the heartiness of the bass used in this CT piece to bring out the melody and counter-melody. The altered chords were tasteful additions to the sound, and the distorted piano was a much-needed reminder of the humble origins of the tune. Each of the parts were weeved seemlessly into the chronic flow of the piece, and overall I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of this remix. Props to Unipulator who is undeniably one of my favorite remixers on this site (even with only two pieces). I look forward to seeing future works posted.

  4. I have been frequenting ocremix for about 7 months now, and as a huge Donkey Kong Country fan this was on of the first songs that I downloaded. Even now after downloading countless pieces of great music from this website, this song is still hands down my favorite. I always found the music in the entire DKC series thoroughly enjoyable, and the music from this underwater level especially enchanting. While the original piece still holds great listening appeal despite its relative simplicity, Blue Vision captures all the original "floating" ambiance of the piece, and adds to it ornate trance-inducing articulations. This piece would lose its aquatic-based flowing structure with heavy interpretation and improvisation. Therefore, I give props to Blind for maintaing its original integrity, and creating an excellent remix. Well done.

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