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  1. Not sure how well I could shred anymore, as it has been about two or more years since I really picked up any instrument. Maybe it is like riding a bike and you never really forget, but I doubt I'll put out anything new for a while.

    I decided a few years back that if I wanted to make any art worth my while, I'd have to stop putting bits of effort into many arts and just focus my energy into one. Photography always seemed effortless to me, while writing and recording music was always an excruciatingly difficult task for me, so it lost out in the end.

    Aside from that I'm also running a hopefully soon to be viral website iusedtobestupid.com

    I do enjoy that I still have fans nearly ten years later. Good to know I wasn't wasting my time back then.

    I got something fun brewing in my head for all the old fans. Expect another reply from me a bit later. ;)

  2. I could say this mix sucks. I could say that the guitar is weak and everything about this song it is a slap in the face to all that is true and pure. I would also be a big fat liar who needs to get his skull worked over with a ball-peen hammer because this track rocks.

    I really like the Guitar tone and chord choices. Nice and thick tone that is all full of love. The drumwork is pretty kick ass also.

    Very good tune.

  3. Notes from author: I can remember the first time I played this game in the arcade. It was during a vacation to Wisconsin Dells(The most tourist oriented town that I've ever experienced). The game really got stuck in my head because at the time, it was the most violent video game I had ever played. A decade later with the use of emulator technology, I was able to do something my pocketfull of quarters never allowed. I could play this game and get past the third level before I ran out of money. I didn't play it again to scout for music to mix up. I just wanted to relive the experience, but when I hit ACT V in the game, the music immediatly grabbed me and I knew I had to do it.

    During the development of this track, which was something like 4 months btw, I kept changing my mind about what type of song I wanted this to be. Originally I had planned something similar to Clint Mansell's work of the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. At some point in the middle I think I then decided I wanted to make this a droning shoegazer song. And then at some other point I decided we needed more Pink Floyd style remixes to listen too. In the end a little bit of each ended up making it into the mix.

    This is also a prime example of why I love live instruments. If you listen to the guitar solo that comes in around 3:12, there is an akward squeak at about 3:13. This comes from me complety fudging up on the fretboard and ending up makeing that sound, I don't even know how the hell I made it, and probably will never reproduce it. The little fluke ended up staying just because I though it fit with the song, and I thought it sounded pretty unique. If I had been using midi driven guitar for the part, this would have never happened. Everything would have been in time, on key, and very sanitary. I like little flukes like this and leave them in my songs all the time. They keep the human touch present.

  4. Notes from author: Without a doubt, the most heavily critizied piece of work I've ever done. The thing I hear the most is along the lines of "It doesn't have the same atmosphere as the orginal track." In defence to this common complaint, I just have to say that these people are correct, It doesn't, but that is the point. When I first started dabbling with this song I started to record it just like the original track. It didn't take long for me to realize that it sounded like nothing new or creative. With old unmatsered songs put out by systems like the NES, the songs can be recorded essentially the same as the original with beefed up instrumentation and sound really good just like that. However, with moderm game music that allready comes mastered, this doesn't work so well. All this track was sounding like was the orignial Silent Hill Theme, only recorded by somebody else. This left me with one option, a shift in genres, which is what I did.

  5. Notes from author: One February day in 2001 I got redirected to a site called Overclocked Remix through a mesage board that I was frequenting at the time. I though the concept was pretty cool, and could be an excellent way to get my music a little bit of attention. So that day I learned how to play the Shadow's Theme on the guitar, and the next day I fired up Cakewalk Pro Audio 7 and spent the whole day recording this track. The day after that I submitted the song. amd the day after thet it got posted. Probably one of the quickest periods of "I want to do this song" to the song actualy getting posted on this site on record.

  6. This has been one of my favorite songs from this website since I originally downloaded it over a year ago. The echoey reverberated piano sounds great, and mixes very well with the electronic style percussion that gives this tracks its kick. To top it all of, no where in this track does Doc give ringside advice to join the Nintendo Fun Club.

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