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  1. Thanks you Aubrey, this is what I was looking for :-)

    Well it is just simple:

    I'have a program to catalog all ocremix mp3 (and other songs) called "Mediamonkey". It is a very usefull interface, with an access back end database. I want to put the OCRemix ID in the track number, so that I have the exact order in which the songs where released, and I can burn cds from the first mix to the last mix. It is also very usefull to search back a remix on the web site.

    So I'm loading this in the database, and updating the track number with the OCR number, with the help of the xml file.

  2. This is the best remix ever! It is in the top 1 ;-) You will easily recognise the original song / instruments of dk2, but greatly enhanced! I'm always jumping to this song in my winamp playlist, and i listen it twice because it is so good! It seems like it can be the Nintendo orchestrated version of the original song!

    Protricity, you're on the road of perfection! Continue to create such good remixes of Dk2 and of all others DK games!

    Sorry for my bad english ;-)

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