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  1. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Death Note yet. I began watching it about a year ago on a friend's suggestion, but dropped it after the first episode because I hated the main character so much. I tried it again a week ago and finished all of it (35ish episodes) the other day. The story is well told, and the huge battle of wits between the two main characters is wonderful to watch unfold.

  2. That is one nice remix. Upbeat, almost kiddish and playful (if kiddish is a word) at times. I've already listened to it 5 times, and it never ceases to make my body sway left and right. The harpsichord is nice, as is the violin interludes. I count 1, 2, 3 different songs in the mix, one of which, if I recall correctly wasn't even in Zelda: LW, but in OoT. But who cares, it's appropriate!

    An excellent remix, if I do say so myself.

  3. Well, let me see...

    I've never played Star Ocean, so I can't say that I would know the song from whence GrayLightning ReMixed from, but I will say this: it provides a mysterious and calming atmosphere, almost like flying through space. The "breath" noises heard throughout the song really calm me down a lot, and the rest of the instruments harmonize well to produce this atmosphere.

    This is a definite download.

  4. WOW! What a great remix! I've always loved Still More Fighting as one of my all-time favorite songs from FFVII, and since someone did a techno remix of this song, it gets me even more excited! The sheer energy of the mix is wonderful, as well as the victory theme about 30 secs from the end.

    A wonderful remix, recommended to all; even if you don't like FFVII, but like techno. 10/10

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