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  1. P4A's story mode isn't an RPG mode; it's much closer to a visual novel. It's also the canonical continuation and intersection of P3 and P4 storylines.

    I wasn't saying that story mode was an RPG mode. Just that an RPG mode exists. Both are fantastic, but if you haven't finished persona 4, you will be spoiled from P4AU.

  2. My favorite part of Alpha 3 was the World Tour mode - I'd sink hours and hours into that game leveling up and customizing my favorite characters. The perks that let your gauges auto-fill or let you do all sorts of neat things we're really, really cool. I miss modes like this in fighting games. SFxT had something sorta similar with the gem mode, but it just wasn't good enough balance-wise or interesting/diverse enough. Maybe we'll get some RPG elements in SFV. :D

    Blazblue, persona 4 arena, and guilty gear xrd have RPG modes, FYI. (Almost just said pserona 4, which IS and RPG =P)

    As far as capcom though, umvc3 has a card mode where you can make crazy changes. Other than that there hasn't been much.

    As for captain commando, while I think he needs to come back somewhere, I don't think its SF4 he fits more in Vs Titles. But I'll be a little steamed if haggar doesn't get in. Even side characters of final fight have gotten in SF before him.

  3. As for vita only titles, Gravity rush and Tear away are worth looking at. Both are adventure platformers but gravity rush is 3d and tear away is 2.5d. Tales of Hearts R if your a tales of fan. Ys: memories of celetia if you're into Ys.

    But that's it for vita-only titles, as for ports and whatnot:

    Persona 4

    Dragon's Crown


    Binding of Isaac: rebirth

    Jet Set Radio

    All dem ps1 games

    PSP games like Dissdia, Megaman X, Legend of heroes: trails of the sky.

    My recommendation is grab PS+. The free games make up for it in spades. Maybe not this month as it's Killzone: mercenary and MonsterBag. Which I don't know too much about them.

  4. Man these seem to be cropping up, but I love these so I don't care =)

    Without a doubt infamous second son. While it's a sandbox game, it has a different feel to GTA. You get super powers, run around, and blast your foes. If you are unsure about it, you could buy infamous: first light. It's a little prequel that doesn't require the game to play, but it will have spoilers so take your pick.

    If you have yet to play last of us, grab it on the PS4. It looks fantastic. It's a great game with solid storytelling, it's a 3rd person shooter/survival.

    Shadows of Mordor is another sandbox game, it's main feature is the orc rival system. It's a load of fun to plot your revenge on an orc who killed you before.

    Honestly Destiny while game play is solid, there's just far too many roadblocks bungie puts up to get in the way of your fun. It's infuriating on many levels. Glimmer, the money of the game is useless, only materials matter. Quests? can only hold 10 (use to be 5) Beat the game? Welcome to playing the same 5 strikes and 3 raids. If you ever played castlevania: harmony of dispair and didn't mind repeating the same levels over and over it may be for you.

    Look forward to Witcher 3. The last 2 were fantastic western RPG's.

  5. Shiz I forgot about rune factory 4! Its totally worth it if you love 1) farming 2)going on "dates" with the hottie of the town by running out and murdering wildlife. 3)TOTALLY SUPLEXING THAT DEMON BUNNY AW SNAP!

    Seriously its good.

  6. For RPG beat-em-up you got code of princess. Project X Zone is another possible strategy RPG to play. Though its main draw is the "OMG its ryu fighting with Morrigan and Mega man!". Honestly it would be my top RPG if it had more attacks than up+a,down+a, and right+a; it looks cooler than it plays. Also maybe check out code name: steam? I'm not grabbing it til I have the amiibos to play it *insert amiibo dlc bs rant here*

    Second for bravely default, radiant historia, Mario & Luigi.

  7. Neblix, I agree it has a better story than MMZX, but that's because MMZ ended. its one of the reasons I would not like to see more MMZ because those four games are well contained.

    Plus it was based on Mega Man 1, which no one loves.




    I'm not a big fan but someone here has to love it.

  8. Really? I didn't think about strider too much when playing this. As strider has a lot more blade slicing melee action. They even eventually give you a gun that is essentially megaman's buster.


    I really enjoyed those series. Which my post first started out crying about that problem, then I realized gunvolt is pretty much the new ZX.

    I don't think it would be viable for more zero games (Cause raisins) but I would love to see more ZX. It was essentially the Kirby Superstar of Megaman games, having a bunch of different powers and could use them on the fly, it was sweet.

  9. Zophar actually was down for awhile and decided to come back out of the blue a few years back.

    Anyways I just wanted to also gripe and moan that Mega Man games are a thing of the pass...


    i'm done now.

    While I want to love capcom, they keep churning out resident evil and monster hunter, which I am not to invested in. On the plus side deep down looks good and more Street Fighter is on the way (hoping it's closer to SF3 Third strike this time). Another kudos I want to give is that you can actually buy the megaman Soundtracks.

  10. Got my santa delivery today.I couldn't find the name of whomever sent it, but thanks to whomever you are! now my space is decked out with some cute plushy swag :-)

    Sorry as I forgot to add a gift note to that! I was rushing as I wanted you to get it before x-mas! I'm glad you liked it!

    I received my gift from bardicknowledge! Two amiibo's that are waiting to get smashed, learn, and then beat me senseless! (If I manage to find the time I'll post some pics!)

  11. I've played pathfinder for about a year and I've been jonesing for a new game. I'm good anytime after 5 P.M. MST though I wont be available for the 29th to Oct 3. But if this all pans out next week just start and I will join next week.

    Edit: Just read the two options for games, I would prefer Saturday if you don't mind fitting a fifth person in (I know that can be a pain to balance) but I'm also unsure if I can make it this starting week, if I can't let me know team composition so I can fill in the gaps. Keep me posted =)

    Edit edit: Here's my roll20 account https://app.roll20.net/users/527280/kevin-c

  12. For good sprite beat-em-up's I suggest Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds. I have not played Phantom Breaker but I keep debating to get my Xbox back to play it, as it looks really good.

    If you don't have a PS3 and do have xbox gold, I suggest Castelvania: Harmony of Dispair. Playing solo is dull, and xbox does not have offline co-op, so online play is a must for this game.

    EDIT: Freak I forgot shadow complex, I would put that as my top pick. It's a metroidvania that's more about shooting, where Dust is more slashing. Both are great.

  13. My brother and I felt like we got the 30 bucks out of it. Yet I know this is probably not the case for most people. While yes, the main mission is about an hour or two long, there are extra side missions, and a TON of little things you can miss if you just run through the game. I kinda like how short it is sometimes, being more of a pick up and play type instead of a long-gaming session. So the moral of the story is if you love MGS get it, if not don't.

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