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  1. Nice. A very light, floaty remix of a popular, familiar Zelda theme. This is a very "retro" remix, using 808 and 909 style drums, and a 303-ish techno synth. Also notable is the "Come ooon!" voice sample of none other than Kurt Cobain. Excellent usage of that sound, which is usually heard following a rapid 808 BD line of 16th notes. The general uppidy style of this song, combined with all kinds of cool 808, 909, and 303 sounds come togther to make an excellent remix that should appeal to most techno and Zelda fans. Dig it.

  2. Rock on! Yet another excellent rock remix of a Castlevania song. Is it just me, or does most Castlevania sound best when done in a gothic rock style (Rize-Rude Awakening Remix, Dracula Battle)? "Heavy-metal" is the operative word here, folks. Ailsean does an excellent job on guitar, and the fairly high pitched organ style synth is excellent and compliments the guiatar, and vice versa. (Kaijin pretty much did everything outside of the guitars). The guitar solo at 1:22 is crazy, and the synth sound starting at around 2:05 is incredible. All in all an excelent remix by two talented people. Download it as soon as you possibly can. You'll be happy you've done so.

  3. Wow. A great remix of a suprisingly repetitive source theme. Rest assured that this is no reptitive party remix, either. Its a non-repetitive part remix! This is such a lively mix, of a lively song. Points of intrest include 3:10, which is the climax. So many layers, so many different tunes all combined to make an incredible high point. My sould complaint is the ending is a bit too abrupt, but that's about it. A lively, enetertaining remix. Check it out.

  4. Excellent! The original piece was one of my favorite video game songs of all time, but was in dire need of a remix. Ryu7x answered my call with a wonderful techno mix. I especially love the part around 1:20, when the motorcycle engines start to rev in teh background, Very cool, indeed. Vocal samples are also used well, but are really audible without headphones. I shoudl also make note of this songs length. 6 minutes, give or take 5 seconds. Quite the opus, if you ask me. My only grudge is the remix is a little repetitive, and is pretty boring by 6 minutes. I advise you to get this well done remix, now!

  5. Woah, Ausgezeichnet! A great techno rock remix, albeit a little too soft and techno to be considered "Rammstein". I love the heavy guitars, and I really love the balance Mazedude created between the background guitars and the lead techno synth. The end half of this song is a bit disappointing, though. Nothing to terrible, and definently nothing that will reduce the quality of this track, it's just a little repetitive. A well done ReMix. Check it out!

  6. Another great Sonic 3 IceCap remix. I do admit that this song is remixed too often, but you can't complain about that when said song has such an awesome remix of it. I like the wacky opening, if only for its wackiness and classic "Seeegaaa" chorus. The song the busts out into its techno chorus. Around 1:08, a background piano accompanies the lead tune, forming one of my favorite parts. I also love 2:03, when the remix is at full force and its loudest. Throughout the mix, you can also hear some well placed "ring" chimes, which Sonic fans will fondly remember. Another great remix by Rayza. Reccomended.

  7. Holy crap, this remix is AMAZING. I may be a little biased, as I love the rock genre, and I love the source song, but this is such a well done piece of music, I have have no choice but to give it praise. I particulalry like how well done the part at 2:00 is done. The guitar solo from 2:20 to about 3:00 is great, also. The drums are intense, the guitars are awesome, and the remix as a whole is just crazy.

    On another note, the ID tag included with this song introduced me to Dracula Battle Perfect Selcection, and DB2PS, two incredible Castlevania rock CD's. I can't express how wonderful this remix is for being a great song and having a great ID tag. :wink:

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