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  1. Thanks for all the positive comments! We really appreciate it.

    A lot of people have asked me about the ending. I guess it sounds like any random White Zombie song. Light's Out was inspired by a totally different rock song though, but that's a secret.

    My idol Ralphis has a crush on me, that's pretty cool!

    But god, that singer's voice sounds like another one that I've heard, especially near the end and I can't remember who it is.

    I think maybe he sounds a little bit like Geoff Tate.

  2. Game Over is looking for a new vocalist! We have two new songs just waiting to have vocals added to them and we were hoping we might find someone within the vg music community.

    For those of you who haven't heard of us, Game Over is a metal/rock band that does video game music covers. We have some songs posted on the site (Punch out cover "Little Mac's Confession" and Zelda cover "Hyrule's Angel" to mention two).

    We don't have any preferences regarding sound or style, really, we're just looking for a good vocalist. If you have home equipment for recording, that would be a plus. Just send us some samples of you singing and we should be able to determine whether you are the right person for the band.

    Game Over really want to become more active. We think we have something great going on with these new songs. If you want to try, or know any good singers, PM me or email us on: gameover (AT) nintendometal (DOT) com.

    (I don't know if there's a separate board for collaborations. In that case I apologize and ask you to move this thread.)

  3. We have had people complain about low kbps. I keep getting emails from people who want wavs. Also, the issues you're talking about derive from recording more than anything. Mastering was done by a pro, for money.

    But ok, then:

    I find it kind of funny that people are discussing sound quality so seriously

    Music is music is music.


    Edit: Show me one other "remix" on this site with 40 tracks of which only 2 were sequenced with better quality than this and then MAYBE I shall shut up. :P

  4. I just realized the part at 3:07 - 3:17 was taken from the last stage of the game! Completely forgot. Kinda cool, for a really long time I thought I wrote that part myself.

    Also, I find it kind of funny that people are discussing sound quality so seriously considering our songs always seem to be so long they need to be in 128 kbps to fit on this site. (If you don't know what mp3 conversion will do at that rate, ask Mr MAGFest for a very educational lecture on the topic. :))

  5. We're in the process of writing a Japanese song lyric. Quite the challenge!

    We're stuck on one line and would very much appreciate any help we can get.

    Here's what we want to say:

    "You know what the best thing is?"

    (or something to that effect) in 6 syllables.

    Any suggestions? (It doesn't have to be an exact translation.)

  6. This is hands down the best vocal remix out there. I bet the guys over at OverLooked ReMiX are pretty proud of being the first site to post this song. :P

    It's got everything a vocal mix should have (although in my opinion the backrub thing at the end kinda ruins the epic mood of the song).

    I sooo wish that I was the one who had created this remix.

    That's it, I quit! :)

  7. "man this one is [genre]. why?!? :banghead::evil: this is 2 terrible, unlike [other ReMix]. this one made me [die/sleep/comatose].:oops:" [other source tune] is the best one anyway.

    I'm sorry but we're going to have to reject you 'cause you suck at sucking at writing reviews.


  8. Another guy who thought he would be cool by putting lyrics to a perfectly GOOD piece of music that stands on its own... way to ruin one of my favorite melodies...

    That's not QUITE how it happened. It was more like:

    An evil bitch forced a poor guy to sing cheesy lyrics to a perfectly good piece of music. Just because she had a vision.

    Someone, put a price on her head!

    Also, speaking of Music of my Groin. How many of you have heard that song live - in Shael's apartment in New York?

    *rubs knuckle against chest*

    I have! (omg)

  9. It's not that, it's that comparing this song to their first album marks a huge difference, therefore everyone is going to notice and point it out.

    I think much of it is in your head. It sounds different, yes, but it's not a "huge difference" and some people think the sound quality on NESperado is a lot better than on Nintendo Metal. As I said, real drums and 20 tracks for each song produce more frequencies below 30 Hz which leads to more noise. But, take the rhythm guitars for example, they sound a lot more like guitars on this new CD than on Nintendo Metal (unless you really like the sound of SoundBlaster Live).

  10. Blablabla... production quality blablabla... The remixing scene has changed quite a bit since I started rearranging vg music. Sound quality seems to be the most important thing these days. Anyway, our previous release was mixed and mastered (note: not recorded) in a million dollar studio, while this album was made entirely in home studios. Plus these new arrangements have twice as many channels and real drums, which requires a lot more complicated work.

  11. When I convert from 24-bit to 16-bit it feels like all the hours I've spent on EQ have been in vain. It sounds muffled and "bassy", like the sound is coming from a can. All the nice, high frequencies are cut off. I have listened to the songs on a CD and on the computer, it's the same.

    I export to pcm wav and of course I use dithering. Sample rate is 44.1 and I have chosen stereo interleaved. What's wrong? Is this the way it should be?

    I use Cubase SX 2.2.0.

    (Please help Game Over to finish our new demo! :wink:)

  12. However, you have to laugh at the mispronounciation of a few of the words to fit the meter. (barrage, Goliath, etc.).

    Haha, yeah, that's actually quite funny. The reason why this happened was because, when I wrote the lyrics, I had the original melody in mind. Try singing it with the right pronuniciation for Goliath - it works fine! But then Christine, who came up with the vocal melodies, said: "I can make a much better melody!" and I said: "Go ahead!" But then of course, Goliath didn't fit in anymore... :)

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