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  1. Wow so things get even more complicated hehe. Is it enjoyable listening to music on "monitors"? I gotta have my bass!!! Wheres the subs? I think i'm way over my head on this and i'll just go with a normal speaker set and not worry about all the technical stuff. Cause i'm recording stuff on some crappy $50 speakers and it really doesn't matter its not like i'm a pro.

  2. So since my main purpose for the speakers is music I don't think i'm needing a 5.1 surround sound. Just stereo. But if I can get a 5.1 for a good price that sounds great i'm willing to do that too. I was going to get the Logitech Z-5500 set but after reading reviews from audiphiles it sounds really muddy and weak for music and that for the same money I could get a better sounding set of speakers.

    Anyone have recommendations Polk? Boston accoustics? Etc. I play my electric guitar through a software amp so the speakers have to have some punch to them. My price range is $350 ceiling.

    I get confused with amps and receivers etc. I just want to buy a set that comes with everything I need ya know.


  3. A few things;

    1. You shouldn't be creating multiple instances for multiple instruments. You should be loading multiple instruments within Colossus and using MIDI Out channels to control them.

    2. There are issues with Kompakt/Kontakt and multicore processing. Try disabling multicore processing (within FL) if you do end up using multiple instances.

    Thanks! I guess I always had issues with opening another instrument within the Kompakt player. My keyboard wouldn't play under another instrument within the same plugin. So i'd open another instance.

    Currently though (i've done nothing different) i'm able to use many collusus instances without the glitching. Go figure!

    Nice to see you Zircon

  4. When I load one instance of this via NI. It will play 1 instrument just fine and it sounds great. As soon as I add another instance of Colussus to play as a second instrument they won't play together. Anytime the instruments play together I get massive glitching and hissing noises. As if the memory can't read them both at the same time.

    I've tried many many different settings with no luck. At one point a year ago or so I was able to play as many instances as I wanted but I don't know what I did to change that. Please I get so frustrated I don't feel like learning a new program so I just give up and have stopped writing music for a while now :(

  5. Wow, that's pretty poor design. Still, like I said, other than live playing or dual-manual organ (incidentally, using MIDI channels properly, you *could* do this in FL Studio with, say, Native Instruments B4-II), I can't think of any good reason why you'd *need* to play two keyboards at once, and I'm curious to know why you want to.

    I told you why i want to, playing drums with my feet. I don't care if you dont think its not a good reason im having fun. I enjoy doing stuff live

    Also i'd be satisfied with splitting my keyboard in half so that the left side plays one instrument and the right side plays another instrument. Any details on this? (I think this would be very useful)


  6. I don't know FL Studio well (been a couple years since I've used it), but there are two options. You either need to get one of your MIDI keyboards to transmit on a different MIDI channel (and, of course, make sure that the other instance of the Fruity Soundfont Player is expecting to receive on that channel), or you might be able to have the Fruity Soundfont Player (or its track in FL Studio) receive MIDI from a specific keyboard only. If the latter, you'd set one instance of the Fruity Soundfont Player to receive from one keyboard and the other instance to receive from the keyboard.

    Reading between the lines a bit though, it seems like you're expecting to have one instance of the soundfont player controlled by two different keyboards playing two different sounds. I'm not sure if that's possible, although I admittedly don't know for sure. Taking a quick look at the SoundFont Player page on FL Studio's website though, it really doesn't look like the thing supports multiple outputs or playing multiple sounds at once.

    Its actually not a soundfont, but one of my many VSTi plugins. I really appreciate the reply, though this is a very confusing subject for me. Perhaps i should start learning a new program. FL studio is nice and all but seems limiting in a lot of areas.

  7. You'll have to describe your setup a bit more. Which keyboards, and what is connected to what? Are the keyboards making the audio themselves or are you using them as MIDI controllers? Are you trying to have one keyboard produce two sounds, each controlled by a different keyboard? You haven't said enough for anyone to really be able to help you.

    They are MIDI keyboards using FL studio so they are soundfonts within the program.

    My big generic MIDI keyboard is plugged into my EMU 0404 sound device. My smaller MIDI keyboard (creative prodikeys) is plugged in via USB but its able to play under my EMU 0404

    I want keyboard #1 to play a different instrument soundfont than keyboard #2 currently they share the same channel so no matter what soundfont i click on they both play it.

  8. I've tried out the brass samples in Garritons Orchestra and I am extremely dissapointed with them. All of them lack any sort of bass, and I don't get that really loud resonating metallic sound from them.

    I got much better results with a free orchestra pack I found on hammersound.net however the big brass sound i'm looking for only comes in short spurts where I need them with some long notes.

    I used to have Garritan Big band (lost the disk) but the sound was just as bad as the brass section in their personal orchestra.

    So if anyone has some ideas in the $50-$300 range that would be great! Something that has VSTi plugin capabality for FL studio.


  9. Well i've been reading about this a bit and definetly the condenser is what I want.

    However im trying to determine if I should get the Rode NTG-1 which happens to be a Directional Condenser Shotgun Microphone. Its intended purpose for film and video. How am I to know how well it would do for vocals and instruments :( Budget wise I cannot afford BOTH. Maybe if all the accesories came with these mic's I could afford them, but the accesories and cables add another $100+ BLAH!

    Year old post hah, better then making a new post I guess.

  10. Okay as usual i'm a complete noob in everything I do in life. Can't ever seem to learn anything I swear hah.

    I enjoy just composing music, I don't enjoy tweaking very much with instruments and FX, I like to just choose them from a list.

    I've used a lot of the Sytrus plugin that comes with FL studio. It's got a few really nice saws in there. But im looking for more bass, and background synths and better drums would be nice too. If anyone has some ideas on free or even ones I need to buy that would be great. Just want to worry less about trying to find the right instruements and use more of my time just writing songs. Thanks!

    Pretty much the only tweaking i'll ever use myself is cutoff and resonance :)

  11. Very cool, so the XLR is basically the same sound quality as other mic connections for short lengths, but once the cord gets longer it picks up more interference and the XLR will produce less noise?

    Also I was looking at the EMU 0404 that you showed there and didn't see anywhere in the details that it used XLR, but i'll take your word for it.

    I did see that it requires a 5v adapter. This wont work for me because I need my laptop to be 100% portable and free from any power sources when i'm recording stuff.

    Still no windows vista support on it though. Thanks very much for your time guys.

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