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  1. Well this is an interesting piece, it has many good points to it, such as the seemless flow, or the dramatic beggining, but it seems to be missing something that I cant put my finger on. Dont get me wrong I think it a great mix, and ill probably put this on my regular list, it just seems to drag on too much half way through the song....

    Oh well, they all cant be perfectly awesome, with a bit of ridiculously sweet on the side now can they?

  2. Well unfortunatly this one didnt catch me, not my favorite type of music. Very townish, not beat...but more of a feel. Well I do commend the artist though, this is a very hard game to make a good remix from. You wouldnt think so, but they sound to much like the original piece if you know what I mean.... Overall I give this piece my regards and let stay on my not ragingly kick @$$ list. :?

  3. Now this is different....and by different I mean special, and by special I mean...special. Naw, anyways Im impressed to say the least, when I heard this I thought it was going to be one of those typical songs that I download, you know the mediocre ones. But I was slaped in the face with a classical tune that swept me of the floor, then started to use me as a mop for the floor, and before you know it I was enveloped in a town where everyone was happy, and this song was playing....or at least I think thats what happened. Anyways I give my first Kudos Bar to Russell Cox today!!!!

  4. Well, this is an interesting piece, I dont know if any of you out there have played this game, but I have. This mix seems to be only a little different then the acctual game track... I was expecting a cool synth in the backgroud or an unexpected twist at the end, but sadly ther was not... Oh well This is a great ambience though, I like it.

  5. This remix takes the best elements of the original song and combines them with a catchy and an almost impossible to dislike flowing fast-paced-beat. It begins with an intro that amplifies the feelings of something awesome, then a buildup that makes your ears become enveloped in an ecstacy only known to zelda fans. I recommend this to any zelda loving gamers out there. This song is surrounded with a heroic aura, that can only be experienced, elsewhere, by acctually playing the game its self.

  6. One of the things I love about this track is the seemless application of death metal guitar and synth mix, to make a psedo-dance-rave feeling deep in your stomach. While the song does, at the end, state something that you cleary should already know, I think overall the songs style is something I hope to see in future remixs of Mega Man X games.

  7. First of all Id like to state that I don't usually enjoy this genre of music, mostly becuase its done wrong and the sound bits are always disarray. This interesting peice of work has brought a new light to this undoubtedly questionable music style. His amazing blending skills shine brightly all troughout this masterpiece. I cant understand how he managed to take the worst sounds in this world and put them together in such a way that they acctually make a cathchy tune! Ive now listened to it at least a 100 times now and I still love it. Definetly recommended if your looking for something new and good.

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