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  1. Resurrecting this old thread because I did a cover of the song Messij from the original Wipeout (a song by Tim Wright, who you can find an interview with here on OCR). It’s a really simple, condensed version, which I mostly made as a way to learn my way around a new piece of equipment, but I thought the results were fun enough to share. 

    You can download it from soundcloud.

    Or listen to it while watching some really sloppy gameplay by yours truly on youtube.

    I don’t plan on submitting it to OCR; I think they look for more ambitious arrangements these days. :)

  2. There are programs which will convert an NSF into midi data, which will allow you to import the note information for its various parts into any DAW. That's obviously separate from the audio data, but you didn't say specifically which part you're looking for.

    It's a good shortcut if you just want to know what all the notes are. Back in the early days of this site, you could pretty much get away with just taking the NSF, converting it to MIDI and assigning slicker instrument sounds to it. :)

  3. I love this.

    I like music to be raw and immediate; qualities which can be lost in the pursuit of perfection. It sounds like Neil was caught up in the moment when he made this, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    It's minimal, but there is a lovely narcotic effect to the whole thing that could have been compromised if it was made any busier. Excellent work.

  4. Well, sorry I didn't go into a 7 page long dissection of the song just to say I didn't like it. I think it saves us all time and page space if I'm just bluntly objective. :)

    You'd save us even more time and page space if you simply didn't speak. :roll:

    Now that that's out of the way, on to the mix! I like this one a lot. I particularly like the minimal sound it has. Sometimes it's too tempting to keep piling on sounds until none of the individual parts can be fully appreciated. In the first 13 seconds I thought I was listening to a Throbbing Gristle song, and then I was reminded of the new cEvin Key/Ken Marshall album The Dragon Experience (those are both complients, btw :wink: ). If you were considering revisiting this tune at any point, my only suggestion would be to stave off your impatience and evolve the groove instead of speeding it up. On the other hand, the fast parts are catchy, so that would be a tough call. Maybe it could become a two-part remix? You could use a drug theme... part one: k-hole, part two: tweaking. Ok, i'm just rambing now.

    Good mix, Beatdrop!

  5. Just to fill people (Joe Redifer) in:

    The original song as it appears in the game uses the phrase "fear is the mind killer" over and over again, spoken by some random dude. That line is originally from Dune. When I decided to make the mix, I figured i'd include the line, but instead of having some hip-sounding techno catchphrase guy saying it, I included the line from the movie version of Dune. Thus, Dune samples. [edit: Though I may have gotten a bit carried away.]

    Although, there's certainly nothing wrong with Gilligan's Island samples. In fact, you may have given me an idea for an Adventure Island remix.... :)

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback everyone.

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