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  1. ok claado... so you're post was really long and I read it fairly fast.... but are you actually planning on MAKING the movie? Cuz I didnt' see that part in there, but what good is a script and a soundtrack if you're not going to make the movie?

    Also, did you say you TOOK OUT Ayla and Robo??? I hope I read that wrong... how do you just Take Out two Main characters??

    1. No, I do not plan on making the movie. I have expressed a hope that should these two aspects of the movie come together, somebody will be willing to help create the third, namely the visual. But for now, the OST and the script are the only two finished products we're shooting for.

    2. Yes, I took out Ayla and Robo. Along with them, I took out nearly an hour of unnecessary and confusing sidequests/backstory which would have drowned the movie with more than it needs. So know that my decision was well-thought-out, and the resulting product is not hurt, but instead is helped because of it.

    ...But Robo's my favorite :(

    Awww, is widdle Zaphwin gunna cwy?

  2. Augh. I listened to this project thouroughly today, and I'm sad to say I don't care for it much. I won't name names, but several of these "remixes" bear almost no resemblance to the original tracks. I don't get why people start remixing a particular game, as a homage, and then put their own made-up trance anthem/bad choir patch as the focus of their entry, maybe taking ten-seconds to cover the original melody. Sorry, it just bothers me. Although I am the idiot who signed up for Simian Segue way back when and forgot to do it, so maybe I should back off.

    To Aethirus, Analoq, Unknown, and Vigilante - my prevailant distaste for this album does not extend to your entries. Nice!

  3. I agree with fisherman. I've heard this soundscape before. The saxophone chords are nearly identical to those in Angel. The choir patch does exactly the same thing it did in Party in the Snowland.

    I notice a few differences in accompanyment though. The bass isn't as low-key as it usually is in your mixes, and the drums are somewhat more lively. Still, to the casual listener, it's hard to differentiate this from some of your other styles.

    So yes, it stands on it's own feet, but it has a formulaicness to it.

  4. I don't really like this one. I'm usually keen on flutes, but I don't like how this flute is arranged at all. Doesn't pause enough. It reminds me that I'm not listening to the real thing, right during the climax of the song. The intro is very nice, although I don't like the bubbling-brook sfx. Overall, this song is nice, but very boring compared to some of the other instrumental pieces on this site.

  5. Okay , I'll make a request .

    I need a soundfont of a drum set (preferably GM mapped) for use in breakbeat/drumNbass type music.

    The only ones I've found that remotely resemble this is the industrial font from DarkeSword's site (just the All Industrial patch) and the X- Static Goldmine font from Hammersound.

    Let me know if you have anything useful . Thanks.

    Dude, using a soundfont for drums is a dumb idea. Samples are infinitely more flexible, and if you want to make an interesting breakbeat/dnb track, flexible drums are essential!!! http://www.djbb.dk/bb_samples.php has an overwhelming number of breakbeat samples and loops - soundfonts should be a last resort!
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