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  1. Cool cool.

    Thank ye and im glad to be apart of the community now :D

    Despite how small of a part I am :D

    Alright another question :D

    What programs do you guys use to remix? If you don't use a program how do you go about your business? You don't have to give me a detailed answer...just something short, i dont wanna waste ur time!

    Hey! Welcome to OCR Priestman! Nice to see some friendly n00bs :) Please make yourself at home. I use(d) ModPlug Tracker (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ModPlug_Tracker), which according to some people is difficult to learn; this I disagree with. But maybe it's just me.

  2. It is for the greater good. Note how he often kicks me.

    Channel operators should rule based on popular opinion, not petty personal problems. F4T4L takes things personally and kicks people because he feels offended or what have you. Bluefox is in no way a nuisance to the channel more than anyone else is. F4T4L is singling him out.

  3. next time if you're gonna bring your case to the table, don't omit out the stuff which totally warrants the use of those "Abuse Scripts", and anyone who frequents the OCReMix channel itself knows well enough you're deserving of every kick/ban you receive.

    Abusing users is not the solution. Grow up and learn how to communicate politely, and maybe this issue could be resolved if you matured up.

    I'd just like to second that F4T4L has a track record of being abusive with the kickban hammer. There has been an inordinate growth in the frequency of kicks by F4T4L recently. Take a look at a analysis of my logs (I'm on 24/7, so these are accurate): http://tomm.thasauce.net/f4t4l.gif

  4. My best suggestion - and how I come up with a lot of my own drum patterns - is to try and emulate the drum patterns of other people.

    As a drummer of 7 years, I can attest to this being effective -- I've learned all I know from listening intently to other drummers. The more you're aware of the drums/percussion in other peoples' music, the more know-how you'll have in creating your own beats. Try to make a habit of paying close attention to the drum licks of artists in whatever genre you're trying to make beats for.

  5. He "sampled" the forest song from CT, and didn't hide the fact very well.

    And I'm not gonna argue my position of racial standing. I'm not a racist. Believe me or not, it doesn't change the truth. But I've no love for Jay-Z, regardless of color or his "samplings". I don't like him, so I see no reason why I should care about his feelings.

    White people steal too. Listen to Smash Mouth - Pacific Coast Party. They copied a certain Chrono Trigger melody. Also, listen to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. Yasunori Mitsuda (who is white) ripped his melodies for Robo's Theme.

    Anyway, this message board does NOT condone racism. If you continue to be racist, you will undoubtedly be banned or sent to a pound me in the ass prison. Just saying.

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