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  1. Tuba Lin delivers a powerful piece in the tune of "You're Not Alone!" packed with his own variation to it. This orchestral twist to the song is bold and inviting and just as catchy as the original.

    It starts off with a a few drums to open, then a gentle and relaxing flute steals the show but not for long, as the drums return and carry on. It's almost like the drums and flute "agree" to work together, and what we get next is the drums playing to add body to the main "You're Not Alone!" beat, while the flutes incorporate a unique and very original interpretation to it, a soul so to speak.

    You all might call me crazy, but the real 'masterpiece' of this mix, is at 2:08 - where the tempo slows down. Sure some got bored at this part, but this is where the mixer, Tuba Lin, begins to interpertate the piece to make it his own. Not much to say, up until 2:42 where we get another original/unique interp. of an organ-y type intrument to take the regular beat just one step further. Ten seconds later, that flute returns to make very good original translations/additions to the song. It continues to do it's thang and I can't get over how he was able to move away from the original track to make very powerful changes, yet stay close enough to it to maintain the "You're Not Alone!" appeal that hooked us all to that song.

    The song begins to come to an end, with the flute and percussion continuing their "snazz" until the flute wraps it all up.

    It's hard to describe how I listen to this song, but I heavily believe that this song would appeal to everyone who didn't like it too much if they listen to the underlying additions, as opposed to trying to stay close to the original beat. As my review shows (hopefully), that this is one of those rare songs where the beauty of it is in it's subtleties rather than it's connection to the original.

    [PS. I'm not very good with intrument identification =P]

  2. After playing DKC2 many years back, and reveling at the great soundtrack it offered, and then after I discovered OCRemix, I searched frantically like a madman trying to find the one score that completely captivated and entranced me everytime I stepped foot in the place that played said music.

    To my dismay, I couldn't find it, and I began to frequent OCRemix more often just to hope to see that someone had remixed it. Days passed and nothing. Weeks passed and nothing. Months passes and nothing still. Wallowing in my woes, I waited even longer.

    Until one day, one that had caught me off guard, I sat in shock, awe and surprise! It was a new DKC2 remix! I tried not to get my hopes up just in case. I glimpsed over the review; reading random words from random lines. Once again in dismay, I began to leave the review site...

    ...until one word popped up that I had missed in my frantic reading: "mines". I quickly performed a double take, this time taking time to read the entire review. I sat once again in shock, awe and surprise, as well as a mess but that's beside the point; anyways, I couldn't believe what I was reading! After my long awaited wait, I had finally found the ever elusive song in the form of an OCRemix.

    But long story short - I am SOOOO phsyced that this has finally been remixed, and in such a good manner as well! Very very very good work! Now as I type this, and for the upcoming months, I will listen to this song nonstop to the point that I want to listen to it some more!

    [really - I really really really really really really really really like this song - really!!! Thank you for making this long-winded, and excited person happy!]

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