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  1. Personally I have to agree with redlight. I mean honestly, if you are currently hosting the remixes of these songs, then I do not see the problem with hosting them now. If one actually looks into the facts, Bobby Prince was told to remix those songs by such bands for Doom because they were popular at the time. The songs themselves have a few moments within them that makes references to the songs done by Pantera and whatnot, however, not the entire song is that song. Music is a free subject, people use other bands rifts, beats, etc all the time for their own music. An example of something like this would be Kashmir by Led Zepplin being used by Puff Daddy in his song, Come With Me, featured on the 1998 Godzilla movie.

    Now beyond my rant, personally I believe that music is music. The songs were used within a game, correct? Thus a remix of this track is technically by accounts considered to be remixing Game Music, which if I recall is what this site is all about. I am not trying to start anything huge or argumentive about this, however, I felt it was right to state my opinions on this matter. I am pretty indifferent on Doom 2, I never really played it that much compared to Doom 1, but I do have the soundtrack because I enjoy listening to it.

    That would be my two cents. Ignore it if you wish, or whatever.

  2. Hey guys, been a while since I've made a post and whatnot, however I have been playing Advance Wars DS again lately and I remembered how much I love Rachel's Theme song. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a remix of that song, or any of their theme songs really. My favorites to hear would be Rachel, Jake, Adder, Andy, Black Hole Super Power, Kindle, Lash, Olaf, and Sami are some of the best in my opinion to remix. It just seems sad to me that one of the best game franchises doesn't have a single remix.

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