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  1. I love every single one of these! My favorite is Free Breezin'. Love the guitar in that one. Anyways I have always loved Kirby music and made fun of for the fact that I like it. Infact, I like most VG music I hear. People don't realize that many of the lil' melodies played on their favorite game is a lot harder to play than some of their favorite songs. I went on a lil rant there, sorry, but how can I not rant? These are so GOOD!

  2. The 'A Storm in a Desert' is absolutly magnificent. When I first heard the main theme to the song of storms I was picturing link on a cliff overlooking Gerudo Valley and Playing the Song of storms. Then the structure of the music starts playing and then I saw clouds forming and the rain start fallng with a little lightning and this storm happening throughout hyrule. Then the Borele of Fire (or however you spell it) kicks in and fires start. After the Borele ends the Song of Storms starts playing again struggling to douse the fires and succeding. Then afterwards the song slows down and leads into the prelude of light. I love every second of 'A Storm in a Desert'.

    (hope i followed all the guidelines this is my first post)