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  1. Definitely better than the trailer led me to believe.

    Side note, what's with the recent fascination in Hollywood with making animated animals crap onscreen? Open Season, the upcoming Alvin & Chipmunks movie ... It's as if there was some idiot making the rounds out there convincing each studio that what their movie really needs is a well-placed chipmunk dropping. It's not really a big deal, but it bugs me that newer animated films are resorting to that sort of thing. I miss the good old Disney days.

    Thank god for Pixar.

    Yeah I loved the opening sequence just because it reminded me that Disney still recognizes 2D animation on some level.

    I think maybe every studio thinks they can be as good as Pixar. They're usually missing good storyline and credible characters that make it ok that the characters are 3D.

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