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  1. Apparently this has been out for a while, but I just found out about the Twilight Hack, which lets you run homebrew (e.g. emulators, MP3 player, Linux, etc.) without a modchip. Pretty exciting stuff. Day of the Tentacle on a big-screen TV with Wiimote controls? Yes, please.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does this let the average Wii user do now?

  2. How can you steal Dragoon armor from other characters? A smash hit, or something? Or does it just drop off them after a certain amount of time (if you don't collect all three)?

    Also, what use is Mario's new down B move? In Melee I think that was a spin attack that was quite good, and so he seems weaker overall now.

    Last, what difference does the Gale boomerang make for Link, versus the old boomerang?

  3. Thanks for the info and help all. However, the computer is still being very sketchy. Through a painfully long process I successfully ran a full system scan with Adaware and one with Trend. Neither of them found the virus, which leads me to think that this may be a false positive...but something is still REALLY bugging my machine and making it crawl. So I restarted in safe mode, but something is blocking me from logging in. I've triple checked the log in name and password, but it keeps coming up saying invalid and won't let me enter in safe mode. Very strange.

    At this point I'm unsure what to do besides wipe the disk and start fresh...but I'd prefer not to do that. Any advice on the situation? And is there a way to do a 'lite' disk wipe, that keeps Windows installed?

    Thanks all.

  4. Thanks, and yes thanks for the move too I wasn't sure where was appropriate. I'll try those instructions and see what happens...

    edit: what if none of those processes exist? I'm assuming to look for them in the Task Manager, but everything looks normal and none of those are present...

  5. Hi all,

    I know this doesn't pertain to the common discussion at all, but I'm not sure where to turn and this forum has been very helpful in the past. Last night my computer got a backdoor.graybird virus, and my Symantic scan that found it can't do anything to delete it because access is denied.

    Does anyone know about this virus, and how to get rid of it?

    The main problem is that something, I have no idea what, is causing the computer to run at excruciatingly slow speeds. Many programs simply will not open. Task Manager takes up 95% of the CPU usage, and when I try to open a program, it lists that program as taking up 95% usage but it never opens (or finally opens 20 minutes later, then doesn't respond).

    Again sorry this is far off topic, but Google searches only yielded information regarding Symantic deleting the file, but that doesn't seem to apply here. If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Happy Holidays...

  6. You made this thread a bit too late. UnMod had its own league of extraordinary Warhammer 40K dudes.

    Though, I completely agree with CE's commend.

    Correct, they do, but if people want to talk about the game here as opposed to unmod.org, they can here.

  7. I tried a demo of this and couldn't really get into it. Though I only got to try Tau.

    It took a little time for me, as well. Everything can seem fast and overwhelming at first, but after playing four of five skirmish games to get the hang of things, it gets very fun. Then throw in multiplayer...and you're hooked.

  8. I know a few of you out there play, and a game this great deserves its own thread.

    To start, a few things from me. First, the Imperial Guard is very strong if you can hold off initial attacks. Turrets do wonders. Conversely, the T'au seem to be horrible at this...how do you hold off early rushers without any structure defense? Fire Warriors are very expensive to just pump out, and melee fighters tear them apart...

    Next, some cool screenshots from my last couple of games.

    Chaos Demon Lord in action:


    Imperial Guard Baneblade - the baddest tank ever in an RTS.




  9. Well sure, because it's not in the same graphics realm as Mario Kart or Sunshine. Those games have a rounder look and texture, thus they appear different than Zelda. Wind Waker was the same way. With sharp edges Zelda is using a different graphics style, and it has to do with the game's art direction.

  10. I highly agree that the characters should have actual voice acting, because the models are acted out so well. I love the cutscenes, and during gameplay sometimes it's hard for me to comprehend that this is on the gamecube. It's fucking FUN too. I haven't actually done the first temple yet, but I'm about to cuz I just talked to that spirit dude. I have no complaints, except for the fishing. It's amazing how much cooler HDR lighting makes game environments.

    You are in for a GREAT time in the first temple. I was very impressed with its entire design, enemies, strategies, just about everything. This game rules.

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