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  1. I haven't found any shinies anywhere outside of my single charmeleon (Neltharion) from Stevo's "Friend Zone" as I like to name it.

    Speaking of shinies, there's a program that lets you know what your shiny code/trainer number is, and it also has a website/forum where you can find trainers that have that number so the eggs that have it will hatch as a shiny to them :o

    Here's the link for anyone interested to at least read about it.

  2. I'll eventually try to breed for shinies, but right now I wanna get a good team for battle maison. There are berries one can only obtain through getting 100 and 200 consecutive wins there, and they're VERY valuable. Not to mention the TMs and Bracers one can buy with the BP once it's done, and the ability capsule which sits at 200bp.

    Edit: I finally gave up on getting a perfect 6IV flabébé using a ditto since it's near impossible, and it might be better to wait 'til people are done testing with egg groups for the new pokemon. I however got a great 5IV flabébé (no perfect attack, went for Modest anyway) so I'm more than happy :)

  3. Hey there, ladies and gents!

    I'm not that often on the forums, but I do stick around the IRC channel quite a lot and usually am at most of the events OCR goes to.

    I used to participate in the monthly Fan Art Competition whenever I had the time, while I was in college. I do not have anything from back then to show, and my dA page is pretty much dead, but I have been making vg-related art lately.

    I have an Etsy page, MsVilecat's Shoppe, where I currently sell and take custom order of Perler Bead sprite art. I'm in the brainstorming process, I'd love to come up with game-related patterns for crocheted garments (socks, gloves, etc.) this upcoming winter/next year. I also have a Tumblr under the same name where I post pictures of WIPs and other such things for whoever is interested. I sometimes visit places like r/beadsprites for tips and to share.

    Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MsVilecatShoppe

    Tumblr: http://msvilecat.tumblr.com/

    <3! [/shameless plug]

  4. Been getting a lot of Froakies yes, barely any Fennekins, whole bunch of Fletchinders by people who just want OP pokechus or something form trading, many Eevees and I've gotten a lot of Ralts lately.

    Seems like a lot of people are just trading their poor-breed pokemon instead of releasing them. I've been doing the same, but I've been trading rejects that have 3-4 perfect IV's, not just 1.

    BTW, anyone wants a blue 4 Flabébé or 4-5 Goomy (both Modest nature)? :3

  5. Speaking of Pokemon-Amie, I discovered that you can make faces at your pokemon. Not sure if it requires max happiness or if it's before, when you reach the later stages of it. I was waiting for the tires on my car to be changed, and my Gyarados and I would make kissy faces, wink and make big smiles to each other. Then someone walked by with a "the hell is that chick on?" face as I was trying to cock my head to the side like a puppy and kissing at my 3DS.

    I fuckin' love Gyarados omg <3

    Edit: To add to the Pokemon-Amie explanation, the first thing you'll notice is the boost in exp the pokemon gains as it gets friendlier towards you. Then not only will it wish it had landed a critical hit or avoid attack, they'll get the equivalent of a Sturdy/Endure effect to prove its love to you and they will also sometimes cure themselves of status effects. To save some time, you can pet it at the end of a battle (as the final enemy falls unconscious) for some extra love.

  6. I said I have all the wild berries. Also got most of the current known mutations (waiting on kee and maranga to happen, all trees are currently in mini stage atm).

    I'm probably going to start breeding for perfect IVs of my favorite pokemons/current team and test all possible mutations before I reach that 100 wins lansat berry though. Do want starf for making juice.

  7. it seems clear to me the game was designed, unlike past pokemon games, to let you easily swap out your party pokemon for new ones by changing the way you get experience (instead of splitting it between active pokemon, it gives everyone the full amount, and exp share applies to everyone, plus the active pokemon STILL gets the full amount while party pokemon get a split anyways). so if you keep the same six nearly all game, you're going to be able to beat pretty much anyone.

    if you want to fix this, keep rotating in new pokemon. which is honestly more fun anyways. if you want your party, then you're going to be crushing people in levels pretty hard.

    I personally prefer it this way. Way less grinding to do, which is a relief with the amount of pokemon there are (there's already so much catching, trading and breeding to do). I kept changing half my team often, either because I'd find a new favorite pokemon, I'd use one that's more effective or I'd wait before using a certain one until later in the game when they finally get better moves. I've been switching between, Florges, Pangoro, Gogoat, Pyroar, Aegislash, Golduck and, much later, Charizard a lot throughout the game depending of my needs.

    BTW if anyone wants Friend Safari, mine is Fairy with Floette, Mawile and Kirlia, and my code is 2423-3212-6224

    Edit: If anyone needs berries and such, I've been mainly growing, mutating and hunting wild berries since I beat the game. I'm also happy with grabbing your unwanted Wonder Trade pokemon (weedles, zubats, fletchlings, etc.) because Loto-ID :3

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