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  1. This sounds rather cool. After checking out some of the tracks, I bookmarked the page for future reference. I'm currently in the development of some freeware 2D PC games and an 'original' soundtrack sounds like a sweet option when I near completion.

    One thing that does concern me under the license bit is the calculated price of a 'freeware' setup, or more correctly, if I use the following options:

    Video Games (non-Web)

    PC Only

    Download Only

    Advertisement: No


    This usually ranks at $112.50 per title.

    That's quite expensive, considering the resulting game (which would probably include multiple tracks) is for non-profit, has no marketing and is available only from the single internet website (or a typical freeware distribution setup). I think the calculation system needs some adjustment.

    What I find really odd is the cheapest setup one can configure (for non-web game):

    Video Games (non-Web)


    Download Only

    Advertisement: No

    Xbox indie Game

    Currently that ranks at $39.60 (which I think is more reasonable for a freeware title)... but who the hell is making an Xbox indie Game for the iPhone? (You may want to adjust some of your selection options to avoid 'impossible/confusing' setups)

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing how this service grows. Great idea.


  2. So uh, does anyone know if PSN games are released at midnight?

    Because I'm pretty pumped to play Mega Man 9, and it's after midnight here, and it still isn't available...

    PSN can update at anytime from 2pm EDT* up to 11pm EDT*...At least, this has been my experience. Given that some big releases are scheduled for this day, it could be a late update.


    *9am to 6pm GMT

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