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  1. Hey folks, it's been a while since I've posted on here but I'm glad to say that I've still been making music. I credit OCR for inspiring me musically over the years, and I still am big into video game music and the remixes from this great website (love the new FFXIII soundtrack and the DKC2 project).

    For those who are perturbed I have been gone from the community, I have not abandoned you, I'm just busy at college and I've been doing competition remixes and even a little freelance scoring for some money for bills. I still keep in touch with a bunch of awesome remixers from OCR outside of the threads, and still I love everyone here (within moderation). Also, I have a Zelda OCReMix I posted last summer that's been tentatively sitting in the TO BE POSTED section of the judges decisions thread since last year, so I'm hoping that will hit the home page eventually.

    Anyway, I thought I'd fill you guys in on my recent doings. I switched from mellow (or otherwise 'tepid') guitar ballads to more electronicly orientated stuff. I try to add some video game elements to my tracks when I can too. I generally give away my music for free, except my new single Paris on iTunes, which I did with a Japanese label (19Box Records) but they've been weird and wont pay me anything anyway, so it doesn't matter. Ask me nicely and I'll send you the single for free :)

    Here's all the different websites I've posted my junk on. Recently, I decided to go for some more mainstream remixes, so my latest remix is and electronic take Taylor Swift's Love Story. Controversial, but don't dismiss it until you take a listen. Please feel free to add/friend me, steal/listen/enjoy my free mp3's and I'd love to hear from you :)

    Youtube Channel



    Myspace Page

    Facebook (Personal...no stalkers plz)

    Facebook (fan page)


    Phil/Tepid/Blue Satellite

  2. I absolutely love this website, and owe much of my enthusiasm for music to it. I don't think I would have got into producing music and still be doing it to this day if OCReMix had not been around. Thank you djp and all of the people who work hard to keep this website running. Long live OCReMix!

  3. Thanks Jade.. I hope to obsess you more with wild arms songs.. :P

    Hey hey, lets keep this on topic folks ha.

    Jade: I appreciate your comment, but I can't really contend with people you're in a pre-existing relationship with.

    Thanks for all the nice feedback, I enjoyed making the track. I actually had 95% of the track finished within 2 days of the competition starting, and came back to add some touches before submitting it. I did spend a large part of both days working on the track though. Wish I had done a vocal edit, but it's still possible (for fun) if anyone wants to lay some down over the track.

    Also, I got my 8-Bit shirt in the mail and it's awesome. Thanks!

  4. Well, I'm not cool for starting a new thread for this, but I wanted to get an early advantage in the competition, and some extra support from anyone who's interested. Indaba Music is a great resource for finding mainstream remixes: they provide free stems and you can use the one site software to remix songs or you can use your own (superior) software. I would recommend anyone from OCR to join, and come compete for stuff.

    Since I already mentioned it earlier, if anyone likes my music and wants to help me out, you can register at Indaba and listen to and vote for my remix of The Crystal Method - Come Back Clean here.

    Here's the remix mp3 for anyone who likes electronic/funk:

    The Crystal Method - Come Back Clean (Blue Satellite Remix)


  5. thankfully zircon will be too busy, I asked him and he's getting himself married right now ha. But it is possible one of the aforementioned remixers will win. I'm getting signed to an indie electronic label for my electronic stuff (not that it makes my music any better), and I still plan on entering for fun.

    What I'm saying is that it looks like a normal remix competition; remember OCR did a remix competition for first time mixers? This time it's a competition for everyone. It's only fair. I won't speak for Larry though, so he's the authority in regards to your question.

  6. A little bit of sampling is OK

    I have one additional question regarding my own mix: I've created a full arrangement of Tricky Game, but I wanted to filter the original song into my track. So maybe a no more than 10 seconds of the original, and put through a (FM radio/telephone) filter to fade into my completely remix. They're in the same key, so it would work and you could see the similarities immediately.

  7. Sounds cool so far man, reminds me of Metal Gear. It's a creative use of the source. The only thing I can suggest at this point is that you have something else going on in the center of the mix. I'm saying this because the robotic FX are panned hard left, glitchy loop hard right, and the center sounds like just the kick drum/loop, which are pretty low end (I love the bass pulses of course).

    I was gunna post my 8 Bit Weapon mix on the WIP forums, but I'm not sure I will since it's part of the competition, and I'm sure the people giving feedback will not want your mix to become too great ha.

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