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  1. Humble Bundle gives the option to gift games, and that's merely what I did, gift them. I didn't ask for anything in return or anything so I don't see there being any foul. Though I know there was a huge stink over the issue recently on the site about that and that's recently why they changed the way to redeem keys by linking it directly to your Steam account, but they did eventually meet people half-way by letting people generate gift links.

  2. I wish there was a surefire way for me to check which ones are redeemed to save people time from trying to redeem them. Thanks Mirby for at least removing one from the list, if anyone tries one and it is successful, please post saying it's redeemed for the benefit of others. OR if you try to redeem one and it says it's already redeemed, a message informing everyone would be kindly appreciated. Thanks.

  3. To any Steam users out there looking to cash in on some freebies in the new year, I bought a basic Humble Bundle just to share some gifts. first come first serve. and if you don't have me on Steam yet, go ahead and add me. I typically give away freebies if I get duplicate games from bundles and I see it on peoples wishlists.

    in a perfect world I'd suggest if a game successfully activates for you to leave the rest for others, but the world isn't perfect, is it?)


    I set it as an image with the links just to slow folks down and give everyone a fighting chance that really wants them. Enjoy.

    and for the sake of ease, since it's the last game. here's a link for PaPo & Yo. https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=mvPPMuCvGbPtPfWK

  4. I found more Iron than I can handle -_-

    Mined down to a flesh pocket on a level 8 planet. Found a lot of minerals, but I'm looking for Silver so I can make the silver armor. It is stronger than the avian armor (loinclothes and shit)

    Someone said the leather armor is better though, which makes no sense to me. That can't be the case, can it? The silver armor has 10 armor per piece. It's already stopped me from being an insta-kill just by having 2 pieces, they do about 20 damage to me now on the level 8 planet.

    you could find silver if you weren't too busy wrecking my ship

  5. Just a quick question out of curiosity - these are licensed albums, by my understanding. Does the licensing agreement cover this form of distribution, for charity?

    I mean, I would hope that it would it be cool, but I know licensing is often very restricting, so I'm interested in whether this type of model is explicitly allowed... often licensing can occur at a flat rate, rather than a percentage, which would mean distributing for $1 would actually be a big loss.

    Any info is appreciated - cool concept & great music!

    No clue, I often check the site to pick up their frequent gaming bundles, but this is a rare instance with music with familiar names that I saw included. You'd likely have to contact the admins of the site for such information, I'm just merely passing along this find to everyone on here if anyone would be interested and isn't familiar with the bundle-site Groupees.

  6. http://groupees.com/gsgr

    A few good remix albums that you can pick up for a minimum of $1, proceeds go to charity.


    Darkout Soundtrack

    RADicalROACH Soundtrack

    Q.U.B.E. Soundtrack

    Ben Briggs and ectogemia's K.K. and Friends Animal Crossing remix album

    Joshua Morse's Ridge Racer Arrange 2013

    The OneUps - Super Mario Kart Album

    Horn OST

    plus 2 bonuses that'll unlock after so much is raised, the Lume OST with 4 unreleased tracks is the first bonus.

    I figured if anyone wanted to pick up these great albums for cheap and also help out charity in the process then I'd share this link. Also check the site for their Chiptune bundle as well with great stuff in it as well.

  7. best remix album I've heard probably since the DKC2 Serious Monkey Business one. What I like about this album is its continuity, and that each song really grabs your attention and makes you want to listen to it again. A lot of albums I've found will have 2 or 3 tracks that really keep the whole product's head above water, but this one is all around good. I don't really have anything bad to say about this album. The Matoya's Cave track doesn't make me want to shoot kittens, which is saying a lot because that original track irritates me to no end, but I actually like the one on this album. And Brandon's "Omerta" track, that intro alone makes me want to sit and listen to the whole thing, which is something a song should do. I don't like sitting and waiting through 6 hours of buildup to finally hear the meat and potatoes and then it's over.

    good work everyone involved with this album. I often nitpick about every album that comes out in one way or another, and largely it's based on personal opinion, but there is little for me to nitpick here.

  8. if anyone wants to be a super awesome buddy, can they please go here and view my TF2 replay and tell all of your friends? trying to unlock the 1000 views achievement for it. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

    that being said, my newest guilty pleasure in TF2 is the "Randomizer" mod, which gives you a random class, with random item loadouts. So you can get a scout with a Minigun, Jarate and Persian Persuader. (or the rancid loadout of a Heavy with Ali Baba Wee Booties/Wrangler/Kunai.) if there was an OCR Randomizer mod server for TF2 that'd JUST BE SWELL!1!~ PropHunt is fun too, but Randomizer is just too much crazy fun that challenges you in a new way and forces you to use crap you normally wouldn't.

  9. I second this motion, or hell better yet REMIX PROJECT!! YEAH!!... any takers? anybody?... oh screw you all!! (yes I know I've been barking up that tree for a few years now with this game). But seriously, I'm all for any and all remixing of this game, probably my fav overall NES Soundtrack for being all around great.

  10. a huge success. my end-time was 8:28, but I didn't eat or drink anything until like 8:40 or so just to be certain. (and I had to do the dishes and clean the pizza pan since it was dirty). the cat tested my patience a few times, but other than that... A BREEZE! but that was merely just one day.

  11. captain's log, stardate today : it's 1:49. have not eaten or drank anything yet... heck haven't even brushed my teeth in fear that'd void the whole thing. had 2 bagels with cream cheese, a bunch of water, gatorade and orange juice and even a multi-vitamin last night at 5am before I went to bed. The natives grow restless... I hear howling in the distance... if this my last log entry, tell my family that I love them... and they're not in my will. (going strong, no urge to eat or drink. I AM A PILLAR OF POWER!!)

  12. I just like the challenge. I'm the kind of guy that if I set a goal I'll drown a few kittens to reach it. and people like Halt that say I'll fail miserably only strengthen my desire to prove him wrong, and prove me right. Plus when talking with my friends I can be all "yeah, well I was fasting on Saturady, WHAT DID YOU DO THAT WAS PRODUCTIVE??". plus i'm all for anything that promotes healthy living.

    the only thing stronger than my willpower is my stench when walking to the mall on a hot summer day. so with that being said, good luck to all that are participating, be it those obligated to for religious reasons, or for folks like me just looking for the challenge.

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