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  1. Actually, there are more differences than that. 64-bit Vista won't accept unsigned drivers, and can't utilize 32-bit drivers, so unless your video/audio/whatever device manufacturer has 64-bit drivers that are signed, you're SOL. The other major difference is that apparently the 32-bit edition supports a form of folder redirection that allows certain applications to function properly, whereas 64-bit Vista does not.

    I recently had this decision to make and went with the 32-bit edition. For now. If MS ever really wants people to move to 64-bit, they have to offer an upgrade path from 32 to 64 - currently you can only upgrade from 64-bit XP to 64-bit Vista, anything else is both an additional license and a clean install.


    Thanks for the info Sir nuts and Pretzel.

  2. Been playing tons of Rainbow six : Las Vegas with my buddies on the weekend. Co-op is always fun, Rainbow six and Gears of War made me dust off my xbox360.

    Now looking forward to Lost Planet, best in game smoke effects evar!. :P

  3. posting from my wii, and it feels weird. Browser isn't that bad, just that everything is smoothed together. And flash video works!!!. You tube videos on my t.v. ω

    Back on my PC, and i meant smooshed.

    Well, i dont think i'll be using my Wii for my daily web browsing :lol: , but its a very cool feature. Specially that it lets you bookmark your favorite sites.

    Crap, i didn't check if you can use the nunchuck to browse the page (move up/down/left/right) instead of holding down B. I would imagine using the nunchuck joystick would make it much easier.

  4. So I beat the 4th dungeon last night - my thoughts?
    What the fuck is with the spinner? Not only did I go through the dungeon to get that shitty looking item of skateboarding stupidity, but the boss fight completely relied on it. That is such crap.

    I actually liked that fight, and the song. :P

    Boss 4 is one of the fights I would love to do over and over again. But, like I said before, I just wished you could combine items 4 and 5.

    Dungeon 4 = worst dungeon

    Dungeon 4 item = worst item

    You've got to be kidding me. It may not have been the most well-implimented, but you can't deny that it was an original and ingenious item to add. I think it would have been much more useful if it had more uses outside dungeon four, but it certainly wasn't the worst item (I think that goes to the slingshot, since it is completely useless once you get the bow).

    Agreed there, the temple in which you get the item has 1 very very cool room to use it with, railings all over the walls. I probably spent like 30 minutes in there goofing around. but once outside that temple, its hardly used.

    I feel like buying the GC version now.....just to play it again....in mirrored mode.

  5. Okay, latest numbers according to Wikipedia (again, the only VG related source I can consult from work).


    Units sold

    Worldwide: 1 million+ as of December 7, 2006[3]

    United States: 476,000 as of December 1, 2006[4]

    Japan: 372,000 as of December 5, 2006[5]

    Europe: 325,000 as of December 13, 2006[6]

    Australia 32,901 as of December 10, 2006 [7]

    Xbox 360

    Units sold

    Worldwide: 6 million[1] (as of Sep

    \tember 30, 2006)

    United States: 3.8 million[2] (as of December 7, 2006)

    Japan: Less than 180,000[3] (as of December 11, 2006)


    Units sold

    Worldwide: 384,836 (as of December 3, 2006)

    North America: 197,000[4] (as of the end of November 2006)

    Japan: 187,836[5] (as of December 3, 2006)

    With the 360 though, I have doubts concerning their 6 million figure. It does seem however, that the PS3 is trailing in that launch. Heck, if the Wii keeps up selling this fast (1 million in 1 month) it is possible that it reaches 12 million by this date next year.

    The PS3, at this pace would be at 700 000 and the 360 would be at 12 milion as well.

    Assuming, of course, that all consoles keep selling at the same pace. Obviously, there will be an increased production of the PS3. If they don't pick up production, the PS3 will be in serious trouble.

    So both the Wii and PS3 have already sold more than the xbox 360 in japan?

    Thats quite :lol:

  6. Man, finding all poes is going to be a bitch. All i need is 7 more do.
    enjoy your giant rupee...and thats it

    Ahh, what the duce? Lame. :evil:

    Anywhoo, i just finished the ROLL-A-GOAL games, which where a bitch and a half, and now got started on my fishing log. I'm not too fond of the fishing, since theres seems to bee too many dam fish to catch. Think thats all i need to fully complete the game. I'm a completest. :P

    What u guys think of this Zelda games Great Fairies? They look like 16 year old emo girls.

    Id still hit it do. :lol:

  7. EBGames' website[/url'>]* Limited Edition Hardcover - A small print run of Prima's Premier Guide with gold foil stamped hardcover and cloth Overworld map

    * Cloth Overworld Map - A collectible poster map of the Overworld printed on cloth to keep you oriented in Hyrule.

    * Every item is covered in Prima's Guide - All 24 Golden Bugs, 60 Poes, 45 Pieces of Heart, Fairies, Rare Gold Chu locations, Dig spot caverns, Overworld and Dungeon treasure chests, and every single Rupee location in the entire game world revealed.

    * Premier Maps - Exclusive maps for every Dungeon in the game

    So there appears to be 2 cool Zelda collectible items at Target.

    2nd one:


    Cant link cuse the dam sites in flash. :x

    ""A New Legend is born when evil shadow is cast over Hyrule. Collectors box includes 1/6 scale Master Replica of Link's Master Sword and Hylian Shield, Certificate of Authenticity signed by the creator of "The Legend of Zelda", and official soundtrack from the game."

    They already hit EBAY .:lol:






  8. Anyone know what's in this?

    "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess -- Collector's Edition"


    For $20, i'll buy it.

    On another note, i finally got some more Zelda time in tonight. That Cut scene after the Gerudo Dessert temple was freaking awesome!. Seeing Ganon tied up and being a bad ass made me just pee my pants. :P . Hopefully the final fight will be with that ganon.and not Zant. (?) :?

    Getting heart pieces is a bit easy when you have that psychic lady telling you its locations, i just spent like 3 hours rallying about 10 pieces. Other than that, this game is just plain awesome. Im going to have to bust an all nighter to finish this game before my busy weekend.

    Onto Zoras Domain!!......i think.

  9. Man, i spent most of the day trying to snag a ps3 out of luck. I have an untouched MasterCard for, um.......emergencies.:cough: So i have enough for a ps3 and at least 2 games.

    My target was only getting 10, and one target employee was even trying to sell me his, he even gave me his phone#. Im sure he'll charge an arm and a leg do.. :roll::evil:

    Went to 2 Best buys, one had about 15-20 people in line and that best buy was only getting 10 aswell. The other Best buy was getting 20 but had like 50 people there. And it was very unorganized, i left before hell broke loose.

    Last stop was at a couple of gamestops. I went to 3 different ones, 2 had 8 for sale, and the third had only 5. Employee told me to come back tomorrow at 10 am, they wern't even going to have a midnight sale. But that they where going to get rid of all there ps3's tomorrow. One of the few who didn't do a presale, as they didn't know how many they where getting (if any). So i'll go check it out before work.

    This is a horrible launch. Just the sight and feeling at these stores made you go..."eck, fuck this shit" And ofcourse, knowing that half of these basturds are going to turn around and sell it for twice as much.

    I know its not Sony's fault for people being a-holes and making money, and even worse idiots paying twice as much, but you have to feed the demand to a certain extent.I know Sony is enjoying the publicity when they show the 11 oclock news with reporters saying...."Wow,look at these line with people camping out for days in advance. All to get the New Sony PlayStation 3. This console must be amazing!!"....when thats not trully the full the story.

    The PS3 Launch can suck my left one!!:evil:

    I dont know, im tired.....i had to vent. :P

  10. Those PS3 commercials keep making my face turn like this...... :? .

    Anywhoo, thats pretty hard core to be waiting inline 1 week+ ahead of launch day. They interviewed some of the people at the Hollywood Best Buy on G4, and the first guy they asked said......."im just going to sell it on Ebay - Im here to get YOU your PS3" :lol::lol::lol:

  11. Ok ok, i know that the timeline is a bit sketchy on the Zelda series to say the least, if there even is a timeline!. And I bet Miyamoto himself would even scratch his head (with his left hand :lol: ) when asked about the Zelda timeline..

    But this is still a pretty good read, fun more than anything, trying to narrate it.,,

    Hyrulian Timeline

    Obviously it was written before Twilight Princes was released.

  12. Most incarnations of Link are left-handed.

    Most, not all. I guess the option would've been nice, but wouldn't it conflict with cutscenes and what not? I mean, when drawing the master sword, they'd have to alter the cutscene... I guess an option would be doable and good.

    Doesn't Links shield in "Link to the Past" always face Death Mountain? Think i read that years ago. If so the case, then surely hed have to wield his sword on the right arm at one point.



  13. Twilight Princess Title Screen

    New Trailer with bloom-tastic Twilight Realm

    Have fun thar.

    I think it's finally hitting me.....where a little bit over 2 weeks away from a new Zelda game. :lol:8O:D:P


    It's the only game I pre-ordered. I can't wait.

    I pre-ordred this about a year and a half ago... I think its stil good, if i can find my proof of purchace.


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