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  1. Definitely. I had all the characters at max level with all the best equipment and still couldn't beat him. I've yet to try it with Rena as the main character, though. So I didn't have Dias. Next time I'm gonna go Claude, Ashton, Dias, Rena.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one here who had trouble with this jerk. :) I never got Ashton the first time around, though. My party had Rena, Dias, Claude and Celine if I remember correctly. I think someone mentioned that having Opera in your party was a big plus for that battle, but I never got her either. :oops:

    -_- Indaleccio...

    Sorry for the misspelling. I haven't played the game in about...five years? I had a feeling I was off a bit.

  2. When I saw the title I didn't know what to expect. At first I thought of the drink Tang...but that didn't quite go with FF8 to me. So I decided I'd download it to find out! :lol:

    The piano intro is neat but then the real fun starts around 0:50 with the shaker. There's even handclapping! WEE! :o I think of France everytime for some reason! A great catchy tune that also reminds me of summer and how I wish it were here now. :wink:

  3. I downloaded this before I even bought the game and I loved it the minute I heard it!!! :D I have to admit that I actually prefer this version of the song over the in-game music!

    The echoing piano and catchy bassline are PERFECT. I hope we're lucky to get more remixes like this from Dev in the future.

    I recommened this rearrangement to any Dark Cloud fan. It's a nice, calm remix for anyone who's looking to kick back and relax.

  4. Let me begin by saying I LOVE THIS!!!!! :D

    I've been listening to this mix repeatedly, but the first time through I was already smiling like crazy. I knew I had a wonderful addition to my playlist right then and there! 8) Although this is a Metroid mix, it reminds me of playing Galaga on the Atari. Just floating around in space, shooting stuff...those were good times! (But don't let that fool you, it isn't a chiptune or anything like that.) I highly recommend this to any fan of Metroid! You won't be disappointed! :wink:

  5. I LOVE the waves in the background...they're such a nice touch to a soothing mix. I'm glad you keep them rolling in the background when the other instruments come in. The fade out is beautiful as well. Excellent work! This makes me think of sailing out on a clear day to wherever the waves take me. Okay, in a perfect world maybe, but not this one. It's too dangerous. :cry:

  6. Welcome to OCR! I like your sig by the way. That name is from the Wheel of Time series right? God, that brings back memories... :)

    Your right about the name, and CapnHulk did the sig, so he should get the compliment. I am only on the fourth book in the series sadly. The darn things are so long

    Alright then...my compliments go to CapnHulk for a cool sig! I know how you feel about the books...I never did get around to finishing six. :cry:

  7. Very catchy! 8) I like what LousySpy has done with the temple theme from FF7...it's always been one of my favorite songs from the game, and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this take on it.

    While the percussion and synth are the main forces at work here, there's some subtle but very nice piano and string segments that add to the overall effect.

    If Cloud were listening to this, I bet he never would have given Seph the Black Materia...he'd be too busy groovin' to the music! :wink:

  8. Out of all the mixes McVaffe has done for the Castlevania games, this one is my favorite. The way he mixed the rain sound effects at the beginning is pure genius, and it just gets better from there!

    What's really nice about this arrangement is the fact that it has the ability to appeal to fans of the original tune as well as to those who prefer a more polished version.

    All worshipping aside, if you don't have this mix yet, go download it now! :D

  9. Starting things off with a slow rendition of the Song of Storms, Unknown brings the listener into familiar territory before venturing out to create a unique atmosphere that blends the Storm and Bolero of Fire themes together.

    While the brass and string sections are the main instruments of choice here, there's a nice piano segment that comes in around 2:06 and sets the pace for a beautiful transition into the Bolero of Fire theme.

    After a nice marching drumbeat, the string and piano sections come back around 3:26, and gradually build up to a nice finish with the Song of Storms at 3:58.

    Beautifully executed, this is a definite must-have for any Zelda fan! :D:D:D

    (And if you like this first movement in the Artifact of Power series, then you should check out the other three at vgmix. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!)

  10. I love the way this mix evolves! First you've got the somewhat ominous little intro, and then around 0:10 the harp comes in and leads right into the main tune. With the addition of the piano at 1:24 and (what I believe) is a xylophone at 2:00, this mix definitely sets a relaxing atmosphere for the listener. I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for some nice music to just sit back and chill to. :)

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