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SAGE 2008 is planning to hold several competitions


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http://www.sagexpo.org for press site, which details the event.

Takes place August 17th-24th.



Remix a Tune From Sonic CD (be it the JP\EURO or US Soundtracks)


Sounds simple enough aye? The contest ends August 1st, with results being voted on during the expo by the expogoers, and the winner being announced Wednesday, August 20th.

I was hoping this contest could be for fun, or that being an artist showcased on the expo might be enough promotional power to win you over, but tangible prizes are in the talks.


Sure it might sound odd for me to be coming to this site of all places to advertise this expo, however it is really relevant to my goals for the event as a whole this year.

The Sonic Amateur Game Expo is an annually held event that has become quite predominate in the Sonic fandom circles. Going off last years statistics we had approximately 5000 unique hits per day last year, so there is the event statistically does moderately well. This is the 13th iteration, and I am hosting the event this year.

The entire Expo's purpose is not only to allow fangamers to show off their products, but to bring attention to fangaming as an art form, much as the mission of this site. As part of extending this video games as art mission, this year I'm trying to put a bigger emphasis on the different roles that make up game design, which includes music. I'm also taking efforts to increase non-sonic specific game support from freelance developers and fangamers of other franchises.

To be honest the scene is sort of suffering, because while the event does extremely well, we are sort of running short of talent that can keep up with today's high standards, and hopefully we can draw some more talent into the community by taking special guests into the community from external interest groups that just happen to both have interests in video games and have the skillsets we need.

In the past we've had many special guests, including the voice of Sonic from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Heroes, Ryan Drummand, and this year we hope to showcase even more amazing people, even relevant to this interest group.

As such, I want to invite OCremix to participate the event, and with the invitation comes some remix competitions for you to go crazy over.

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